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Start list for Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships

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Name: Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships
Organiser: Hong Kong
Date: 25 December 2014


3 500 m, 67 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationNationalityStart time
Chun Hei ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Kam On Andy ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Kwok Wai Aaron ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
OnLap ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Tin Mong ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Po Lok ChauHKGHong Kong10:00
Ping Kuen ChengHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi Ko Abdon CheungHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi Shing CheungHKGHong Kong10:00
Kang Kai CheungHKGHong Kong10:00
Kwok Wai CheungHKGHong Kong10:00
Yan Wai CheungHKGHong Kong10:00
Yau Chung ChiuHKGHong Kong10:00
Wai Kit ChoiHKGHong Kong10:00
Man Long ChowHKGHong Kong10:00
Kwok Wai ChoyHKGHong Kong10:00
Hing Shing ChuHKGHong Kong10:00
Yau Man ChuHKGHong Kong10:00
Austin ChungHKGAustralia10:00
Hon ChungHKGHong Kong10:00
Wai Nang ChungHKGHong Kong10:00
Tse Hin LongHKGHong Kong10:00
Li Ho Shun MarkusHKGHong Kong10:00
Ngai Sang HuiHKGHong Kong10:00
Siu Tung HuiHKGHong Kong10:00
Kin Kwan KwokHKGHong Kong10:00
Man Fai Timothy KwongHKGHong Kong10:00
Ka Ching LamHKGHong Kong10:00
Sam Choi LamHKGHong Kong10:00
Wang Hong LamHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi Chuen LauHKGHong Kong10:00
Kin Wai LeeHKGHong Kong10:00
Man Hin LeeHKGHong Kong10:00
Kwok Keung LeungHKGHong Kong10:00
Lap On LeungHKGHong Kong10:00
Chun Ho LiHKGHong Kong10:00
Fuk Lung Bruce LiHKGHong Kong10:00
Sing Wai LiHKGHong Kong10:00
Tak Kun LiHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi Hang LiangHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi chung LiuHKGHong Kong10:00
Hsing Hao LiuTPEChinese Taipei10:00
Joseph LoHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi Hin LukHKGHong Kong10:00
Cheuk Hei LumHKGHong Kong10:00
Cho Fai LumHKGHong Kong10:00
Lok Hin MAHKGHong Kong10:00
Raphael MakHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi Kin ManHKGHong Kong10:00
Yiu Fung ManHKGHong Kong10:00
Li Ming ChiHKGHong Kong10:00
Chit Hei ShiuHKGHong Kong10:00
Wing Chung TamHKGHong Kong10:00
Chun Chi TsangHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi Chung WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Chi Yin WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Hung On Wallis WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Man Wa WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Tsz Chun Jason WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Tsz Hei WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Kwok Keung YeungHKGHong Kong10:00
Gerald YipHKGHong Kong10:00
Ka Lun YipHKGHong Kong10:00
Shin Ho YuHKGHong Kong10:00
Tsz Fung YuHKGHong Kong10:00
Tsz Wai YuHKGHong Kong10:00
Wei Yong YueHKGHong Kong10:00


2 800 m, 37 entered competitors
Bib numberPunching card numberNameOrganisationNationalityStart time
Man Chong AuHKGHong Kong10:00
Ching Yan Candy ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Hau Wah Brenda ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Lai Yee ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Pui Fung ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Sin Yu ChanHKGHong Kong10:00
Bo Ling CheungHKGHong Kong10:00
Lai Kuen CheungHKGHong Kong10:00
Chong Hua ChiuHKGHong Kong10:00
Lai Kwan ChiuHKGHong Kong10:00
Ying Yau ChuHKGHong Kong10:00
Hoi Ki FuHKGHong Kong10:00
Charmaine Kai Wing FungHKGHong Kong10:00
Wai Ching FungHKGHong Kong10:00
Yuk Ching Winsome FungHKGHong Kong10:00
Hing Ling HoHKGHong Kong10:00
Hanifa IsmailHKGHong Kong10:00
Cho Yu LamHKGHong Kong10:00
Ka Yi LamHKGHong Kong10:00
Pik Yi LauHKGHong Kong10:00
Vivian Wing Sze LeeHKGHong Kong10:00
Hei Tung LeungHKGHong Kong10:00
Ka Ki LeungHKGHong Kong10:00
Ka Man LeungHKGHong Kong10:00
Wai Lan Iris LuiHKGHong Kong10:00
Wing Man SoHKGHong Kong10:00
Pui Yi TangHKGHong Kong10:00
Hiu Yu TsangHKGHong Kong10:00
Lui TseHKGHong Kong10:00
Wai Ching Vickie WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Yi Shan WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Yuet To WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Yuk Hing WongHKGHong Kong10:00
Sze Wing YeeHKGHong Kong10:00
Tsz Ying YuHKGHong Kong10:00
Wing Hay YuHKGHong Kong10:00
Wei Ya YueHKGHong Kong10:00


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