Official results for World Cup Round 3 - Knock out sprint

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Name: Knock out sprint
Organiser: Switzerland
Date: 28 September 2019


33 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeFH
1Maija SianojaWomen 3 (33)10:044:01A
2Aleksi NiemiMen Quarter-final 2 (6)7:52+0:033:08A
3Aleksi NiemiMen 3 (41)10:30+0:073:23A
3Lotta KarholaWomen Quarter-Final 6 (6)8:05+0:033:40A
4Merja RantanenWomen Quarter-Final 2 (6)8:11+0:143:43
5Merja RantanenWomen 1 (34)10:45+0:314:18A
5Saila KinniWomen Quarter-Final 6 (6)8:28+0:263:50
6Lotta KarholaWomen 1 (34)10:48+0:344:19A
6Maija SianojaWomen Quarter-Final 3 (6)9:03+1:164:06
6Sofia HaajanenWomen Quarter-Final 6 (6)8:35+0:333:54
6Joni HirvikallioMen Quarter-final 6 (6)8:24+0:313:21
6Lotta KarholaWomen Semi-final 3 (6)6:39+0:243:30
6Aleksi NiemiMen Semi-final 1 (6)10:33+4:175:16
7Sofia HaajanenWomen 2 (31)10:44+0:324:17A
7Saila KinniWomen 3 (33)10:46+0:424:18A
12Joni HirvikallioMen 3 (41)11:04+0:413:34A
13Topias AholaMen 1 (39)11:04+0:263:34
16Venla HarjuWomen 1 (34)11:34+1:204:37
17Lotta KarholaWomen overall (98)completed
17Aleksi NiemiMen overall (120)completed
19Merja RantanenWomen overall (98)completed
23Jesse LaukkarinenMen 2 (41)11:38+0:513:45
25Saila KinniWomen overall (98)completed
31Sofia HaajanenWomen overall (98)completed
31Maija SianojaWomen overall (98)completed
31Joni HirvikallioMen overall (120)completed
32Topi SyrjalainenMen 3 (41)11:58+1:353:51
37Topias AholaMen overall (120)completed
46Venla HarjuWomen overall (98)completed
68Jesse LaukkarinenMen overall (120)completed
94Topi SyrjalainenMen overall (120)completed
Elias KuukkaMen 2 (41)mispunched
Elias KuukkaMen overall (120)mispunched
Marika TeiniWomen 2 (31)did not start
Anna HaatajaWomen 2 (31)did not start
Miika KirmulaMen 1 (39)did not start
Olli OjanahoMen 1 (39)did not start
Anna HaatajaWomen overall (98)did not start
Marika TeiniWomen overall (98)did not start
Miika KirmulaMen overall (120)did not start
Olli OjanahoMen overall (120)did not start

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