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Official results for Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships (Middle) 2019

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Name: Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships (Middle) 2019
Organiser: Hong Kong China
Date: 25 December 2019

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3 600 m, 51 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationNationalityTimeDiffKm time
1NAOYA TOGAMIJPNJapan30:298:28
2TSZ WAI YUHKGHong Kong China30:32+0:038:28
3CHUN HO LIHKGHong Kong China31:51+1:228:50
4SING WAI LIHKGHong Kong China32:07+1:388:55
5KIN KWAN KWOKHKGHong Kong China33:38+3:099:20
6CHIT HEI SHIUHKGHong Kong China33:46+3:179:22
7CHI HANG LEUNGHKGHong Kong China33:56+3:279:25
8CHI KO CHEUNGHKGHong Kong China34:19+3:509:31
9YAU MAN CHUHKGHong Kong China34:21+3:529:32
10ABY LAMHKGHong Kong China34:22+3:539:32
11WING CHUNG TAMHKGHong Kong China35:32+5:039:52
12HO YIN CHUNGHKGHong Kong China36:05+5:3610:01
13YI YOUHKGHong Kong China36:06+5:3710:01
14TSZ CHUN JASON WONGHKGHong Kong China36:14+5:4510:03
15LOK HIN MAHKGHong Kong China36:34+6:0510:09
16TSZ FUNG YUHKGHong Kong China36:53+6:2410:14
17BRIAN POONHKGHong Kong China37:06+6:3710:18
18CHI KIN MANHKGHong Kong China37:23+6:5410:23
19SIU TUNG HUIHKGHong Kong China37:46+7:1710:29
20KWOK KEUNG YEUNGHKGHong Kong China38:22+7:5310:39
21CHEUK WANG WONGHKGHong Kong China38:30+8:0110:41
22KA CHING LAMHKGHong Kong China38:55+8:2610:48
23AUSTIN CHUNGAUSAustralia40:42+10:1311:18
24PO LOK CHAUHKGHong Kong China41:11+10:4211:26
25MAN LONG CHOWHKGHong Kong China41:11+10:4211:26
26CHUNG WAI LEUNGHKGHong Kong China42:09+11:4011:42
27WEI YONG YUEHKGHong Kong China42:52+12:2311:54
28CHAK LUN GERALD YIPHKGHong Kong China44:08+13:3912:15
29KWOK SANG LAUHKGHong Kong China44:30+14:0112:21
30KWOK WAI CHOYHKGHong Kong China45:04+14:3512:31
31DANIEL ANTONIO PEREIRAHKGHong Kong China45:52+15:2312:44
32WAI NGAI WONGHKGHong Kong China46:15+15:4612:50
33PIERRE-YVES BAUCHETFRAFrance46:37+16:0812:56
34KAI YUI HUBERT YAMHKGHong Kong China48:09+17:4013:22
35WAI NANG CHUNGHKGHong Kong China49:01+18:3213:36
36YIU FUNG MANHKGHong Kong China49:21+18:5213:42
37WANG KI YUENHKGHong Kong China49:47+19:1813:49
38YU LUOMACChina51:47+21:1814:23
39KANG KAI CHEUNGHKGHong Kong China52:13+21:4414:30
40HOU TIN CHAUMACChinese Taipei53:18+22:4914:48
41TUNG NAM YUENHKGHong Kong China54:08+23:3915:02
42SAMUEL LOHKGHong Kong China55:03+24:3415:17
43CHI KIN CHAUHKGHong Kong China58:30+28:0116:15
44LAP ON LEUNGHKGHong Kong China58:33+28:0416:15
45HIMMY LAUPORHong Kong China59:02+28:3316:23
46CHUN PAN FUNGHKGHong Kong China1:01:19+30:5017:01
47JIAWEI DENGMACChina1:01:58+31:2917:12
48DAVID BELDJILALIFRAFrance1:06:35+36:0618:29
49HING SHING CHUHKGHong Kong China1:07:15+36:4618:40
50SYLVAIN BAUCHETFRAFrance1:20:24+49:5522:20
51SUNG CHIT TAIHKGHong Kong China1:21:02+50:3322:30
HONG PUI LEEHKGHong Kong Chinadid not start
GEIR ARNE LODGAARDNORNorwaydid not start


3 100 m, 25 starting competitors
PlacNameOrganisationNationalityTimeDiffKm time
1WAI LAN IRIS LUIHKGHong Kong China32:3710:31
2CHO YU LAMHKGHong Kong China33:22+0:4510:45
3PUI FUNG CHANHKGHong Kong China34:35+1:5811:09
4HAU WAH BRENDA CHANHKGHong Kong China36:27+3:5011:45
5KA KI LEUNGHKGHong Kong China38:32+5:5512:25
6YING YAU CHUHKGHong Kong China39:53+7:1612:51
7CHARMAINE KAI WING FUNGHKGHong Kong China41:46+9:0913:28
8SZE WING YEEHKGHong Kong China41:53+9:1613:30
9YUEN KI HILDA CHENGHKGHong Kong China43:34+10:5714:03
10YI SHAN WONGHKGHong Kong China46:25+13:4814:58
11WAI HIN SOOHKGHong Kong China47:20+14:4315:16
12HEI TUNG LEUNGHKGHong Kong China47:42+15:0515:23
13ASAMI SHIINAJPNJapan48:48+16:1115:44
14LAI KUEN MONA CHEUNGHKGHong Kong China48:59+16:2215:48
15RAINKY WEI KI CHEUNGHKGHong Kong China53:23+20:4617:13
16WING SI NGHKGHong Kong China59:22+26:4519:09
17YUK HING WONGHKGHong Kong China1:01:30+28:5319:50
18WAI CHING FUNGHKGHong Kong China1:07:55+35:1821:54
19SZE WAI TSANGHKGHong Kong China1:08:52+36:1522:12
20LUI TSEHKGHong Kong China1:10:10+37:3322:38
21KAM I CHANMACChina1:10:51+38:1422:51
22HEI YIU ALICIA LAMHKGHong Kong China1:11:49+39:1223:10
23STEPHANIE BELDJILALIFRAFrance1:14:18+41:4123:58
24YUK CHING WINSOME FUNGHKGHong Kong China1:16:08+43:3124:33
25YUEN TING WANHKGHong Kong China1:17:27+44:5024:59
WING SUM LEEHKGHong Kong Chinadid not start

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