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Official results for UITM International Orienteering Championship 2019

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Name: UITM International Orienteering Championship 2019
Organiser: Malaysia
Date: 7 December 2019

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56 starting competitors
1Peng Hsien TsaiNo club membershipChinese Taipei19:16
2Dirk GoossensNo club membershipBelgium20:54+1:38
3Azam Mohd SiddiqNo club membershipMalaysia21:14+1:58
4Yan Han ThngNo club membershipSingapore22:45+3:29
5Kuan Yu LinNo club membershipChinese Taipei22:54+3:38
6GANGARAM TESHIL PRASHINNo club membershipSingapore24:29+5:13
7Wing Chung TamNo club membershipHong Kong China24:59+5:43
8Fahmi AzmiNo club membershipMalaysia26:28+7:12
9Koji ChinoNo club membershipJapan31:05+11:49
10Muhammad Suhail ZulkifleeNo club membershipMalaysia31:18+12:02
11Willard OngNo club membershipSingapore31:25+12:09
12Nor Nabil Fikri Bin Nor HishamNo club membershipMalaysia32:03+12:47
13Mohd NoorhafizzudinNo club membershipMalaysia32:09+12:53
14Muhammad Hafiz IbrahimNo club membershipMalaysia32:24+13:08
15Eugene ChowNo club membershipSingapore34:20+15:04
16Muhammad Amerul FiqhriNo club membershipMalaysia34:33+15:17
17Muhammad Abdin Shakirin bin Mohd MasrorNo club membershipMalaysia34:48+15:32
18Mohd RahimiNo club membershipMalaysia35:23+16:07
19Heriawan danu setoNo club membershipIndonesia36:11+16:55
20Nor fadli bin Nor MohamedNo club membershipMalaysia36:39+17:23
21Wong SebastianNo club membershipSingapore37:17+18:01
22Muhammad SiddiqNo club membershipMalaysia37:26+18:10
23Muhammad Zul IkramNo club membershipMalaysia37:29+18:13
24Muhammad Shafiq RazakNo club membershipMalaysia39:23+20:07
25Mohamad Syukri MohamadNo club membershipMalaysia39:24+20:08
26Mohd FidthdausNo club membershipMalaysia39:33+20:17
27Badrul Hissam BaharomNo club membershipMalaysia40:14+20:58
28ANWAR BIN WAHAPNo club membershipMalaysia40:37+21:21
29Muhamad FirdausNo club membershipMalaysia42:59+23:43
30Mohd Syafeeq Hifzi ZakariaNo club membershipMalaysia46:35+27:19
31Alvin KohNo club membershipSingapore48:02+28:46
32Chua Yi XiangNo club membershipSingapore48:21+29:05
33Muhamad Danial HassanNo club membershipMalaysia48:47+29:31
34Mohamad lukman Mohd noorNo club membershipMalaysia50:36+31:20
34MOHD YAZID SYAFIQ BIN MOHD KHAIRUDDINNo club membershipMalaysia50:36+31:20
36Mohd Izwan Bin RuslanNo club membershipMalaysia56:39+37:23
37Muhammad Raushan Fikri Noor azmanNo club membershipMalaysia56:47+37:31
38FADHLUDDIN IQBAL-S BIN ABD SATTALNo club membershipMalaysia56:57+37:41
39Amirul hafizi Muhamad aminNo club membershipMalaysia57:35+38:19
40Ahmad Hazman RafieNo club membershipMalaysia58:38+39:22
41Joe TannNo club membershipMalaysia1:00:35+41:19
42Ezri JakariaNo club membershipMalaysia1:02:33+43:17
43Naqibuddin Awang RazaliNo club membershipGermany1:04:28+45:12
44Azrullah Abu ZarimNo club membershipMalaysia1:04:32+45:16
45Muhammad Arman Haris BahriNo club membershipMalaysia1:17:55+58:39
46Ahmad Fathie bin Khairil AnuarNo club membershipMalaysia1:26:40+1:07:24
47Mohd Zhul ManabNo club membershipMalaysia1:27:38+1:08:22
48Muhammad Asywa Najwan B AzmanNo club membershipMalaysia1:36:24+1:17:08
49Mohd shufy JamaludinNo club membershipMalaysia1:37:44+1:18:28
Daniel Tazrin Amer Bin MuhamadNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Mohammad Nasir SudinNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Muhammad Sukri MazlamNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
RAHAIZAD BIN RUSLINo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Lai Hsien HungNo club membershipChinese Taipeimispunched
Mohd Dzamzury Hudda bin Mat KassimNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Cheng Kai MaoNo club membershipChinese Taipeimispunched
Zulhafizy bin ZulkefliNo club membershipMalaysiadid not start
David IsaacNo club membershipSingaporedid not start
Chen Chun MingNo club membershipChinese Taipeidid not start


39 starting competitors
1Ka Ki LeungNo club membershipHong Kong China18:21
2Li Jing WangNo club membershipChinese Taipei23:33+5:12
3Hoi Yi LawNo club membershipHong Kong China24:48+6:27
4Marika KirsspuuNo club membershipEstonia25:25+7:04
5Zuridah AhmadNo club membershipMalaysia27:16+8:55
6Nur Farah Afiqah Mohamed RazaliNo club membershipMalaysia28:21+10:00
7Kersti EhalaNo club membershipEstonia28:23+10:02
8Linda VerbrakenNo club membershipBelgium30:46+12:25
9Arinta Eka Desti MustikaNo club membershipIndonesia31:07+12:46
10Anne Lia RahmawatiNo club membershipIndonesia33:27+15:06
11Ene LehtNo club membershipEstonia34:16+15:55
12Maula HidayatiNo club membershipIndonesia34:53+16:32
13Nur Azimah Syaqirah Mat ZainNo club membershipMalaysia35:08+16:47
14Laimi OmpongohNo club membershipMalaysia38:09+19:48
15Nurul Najwa Binti Azirul AffendiNo club membershipMalaysia39:01+20:40
16NURUL IZZAH BB ABD KADERNo club membershipMalaysia39:42+21:21
17Ain Nurfitrah AsrorNo club membershipMalaysia39:51+21:30
18Ruhayu Mohd YusoffNo club membershipMalaysia40:55+22:34
19Izzah Rasyidah Abdul KarimNo club membershipMalaysia41:32+23:11
20Syazlin ArmanNo club membershipMalaysia43:32+25:11
21SALINA SALLEHNo club membershipMalaysia45:04+26:43
22Jafora KinsungNo club membershipMalaysia45:52+27:31
23Lam Yik YiNo club membershipSingapore46:45+28:24
24Nur Hayati Binti RahmatNo club membershipMalaysia48:08+29:47
25Siti Noraini Mohd TaminNo club membershipMalaysia50:17+31:56
26Roxanne Low JiawenNo club membershipSingapore51:42+33:21
27Ikha Nadia Md IdrisNo club membershipMalaysia52:13+33:52
28Ruzeanna AbdullahNo club membershipMalaysia54:20+35:59
29Isma IziawatiNo club membershipMalaysia1:02:10+43:49
30Siti Nooramirah IbrahimNo club membershipMalaysia1:05:04+46:43
31Rusnani Mat AliNo club membershipMalaysia1:08:01+49:40
32Nurkhairunnisatul aina Mohd fadzliNo club membershipMalaysia1:11:02+52:41
33NOR HATINI BINTI BAHARINNo club membershipMalaysia1:14:04+55:43
34Adlina AdnanNo club membershipMalaysia1:18:17+59:56
35SITI HAJJAR BINTI SARKOWINo club membershipMalaysia1:25:51+1:07:30
36SAJIDAH BINTI MOKHTARNo club membershipMalaysia1:26:43+1:08:22
Nurul Izzati Binti IbrahimNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Ulle KadakNo club membershipEstoniamispunched
Minhuei HuangNo club membershipChinese Taipeimispunched

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