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Official results for Malaysia Polytechnic International Orienteering Championship 2019

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Name: Malaysia Polytechnic International Orienteering Championship 2019
Organiser: Malaysia
Date: 5 October 2019

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87 starting competitors
1Yuta TanikawaNo club membershipJapan16:52
2Azam bin Mohd ShididNo club membershipMalaysia18:01+1:09
3Wing Chung TamNo club membershipHong Kong China19:11+2:19
4Chun Ho LiNo club membershipHong Kong China19:36+2:44
5Darius KonotopetzNo club membershipCanada20:11+3:19
6Mohamad Fahmi AzmiNo club membershipMalaysia21:27+4:35
7Muhammad Eiddil Firdaus Muhammad FadzliNo club membershipMalaysia21:36+4:44
8Raphael MakNo club membershipHong Kong China22:27+5:35
9TAM Tsz HongNo club membershipHong Kong China24:08+7:16
10Kheng  Win KhorNo club membershipMalaysia24:42+7:50
11Muhammad Abdin Shakirin Mohd MasrorNo club membershipMalaysia25:17+8:25
12Abdul AzimNo club membershipMalaysia25:27+8:35
13ZUL IKRAMNo club membershipMalaysia25:35+8:43
14Muhammad SyamierulNo club membershipMalaysia25:39+8:47
15Mohd NoorhafizzudinNo club membershipMalaysia25:59+9:07
16Faiz AmiruddinNo club membershipMalaysia26:05+9:13
17Susumu TakahashiNo club membershipJapan26:21+9:29
18Koji ChinoNo club membershipJapan26:29+9:37
19AHMAD ZULFAKHROL HELMINo club membershipMalaysia26:32+9:40
20Mohammad Rahimi Bin JusohNo club membershipMalaysia26:56+10:04
21Ahmad FarisNo club membershipMalaysia27:16+10:24
22Mohd Dzamzury Hudda Mat KassimNo club membershipMalaysia28:25+11:33
23Hazim HasbullahNo club membershipMalaysia28:28+11:36
24Matz LarssonNo club membershipSweden30:00+13:08
25Muhamad FirdausNo club membershipMalaysia30:18+13:26
26Rune HultgreenNo club membershipNorway30:41+13:49
27MUHAMMAD HAFIZ IBRAHIMNo club membershipMalaysia31:18+14:26
28AZHARI MOHD IDRISNo club membershipMalaysia31:34+14:42
29Muhammad Qhoiril Luqman RizuanNo club membershipMalaysia32:16+15:24
30Muhammad IkhwanNo club membershipMalaysia32:20+15:28
31MUHAMMAD IRSYAD HISHAMNo club membershipMalaysia33:04+16:12
32Muhammad Izzat Hamzi RozaliNo club membershipMalaysia34:13+17:21
33Amirul AminNo club membershipMalaysia34:31+17:39
34Magnus HaraldssonNo club membershipSweden35:45+18:53
35MUHAMMMAD ASHWYN BIN JAMALUDDINNo club membershipMalaysia35:51+18:59
36Muhammad Hanif Bin Khairul AnurNo club membershipMalaysia36:09+19:17
37Lennart JakobsonNo club membershipFinland36:19+19:27
38Badrul Hissam BaharomNo club membershipMalaysia36:36+19:44
39Muhammad Amerul  fiqhri Bin NordinNo club membershipMalaysia36:44+19:52
40MOHD FIKRI BIN mohd SOFFIANNo club membershipMalaysia37:01+20:09
41Fadhluddin Iqbal Abd SattalNo club membershipMalaysia37:16+20:24
42MOHD SHARIZAN MOHD SABRINo club membershipMalaysia37:25+20:33
43MUHAMMAD SUHAIL ZULKIFLEENo club membershipMalaysia37:36+20:44
44MUGILAAN A/L KANDANNo club membershipMalaysia37:46+20:54
45Anwar WahapNo club membershipMalaysia37:49+20:57
46Muhammad ZulhazwanNo club membershipMalaysia38:30+21:38
47MOHD HIJAN HARUNNo club membershipMalaysia38:33+21:41
48Azri AzmeerunNo club membershipMalaysia39:11+22:19
49ABDUL MANNANNo club membershipMalaysia40:19+23:27
50Mohd Hairy Bin ZainalNo club membershipMalaysia40:31+23:39
51Syed Amirul Al-YahyaNo club membershipMalaysia40:48+23:56
52Mohammad Faiz Mohd ArshadNo club membershipMalaysia40:59+24:07
53MOHD REDZAUDDIN ISMAILNo club membershipMalaysia41:36+24:44
54Mohd FidthdausNo club membershipMalaysia41:39+24:47
55MOHD AZIZI BIN OMARNo club membershipMalaysia41:47+24:55
56Syahmi AfiqNo club membershipMalaysia42:46+25:54
57Muhammad Hafidz Bin HazleeNo club membershipMalaysia43:02+26:10
58MOHAMMAD NASIRNo club membershipMalaysia44:53+28:01
59RUSYDAN FAIZ RUSLINo club membershipMalaysia45:22+28:30
60MUHAMMAD ASYRAF BIN AHMAD RUZAININo club membershipMalaysia45:26+28:34
61Mohd shufy JamaludinNo club membershipMalaysia46:19+29:27
62MUHAMMAD DANIAL HAIKAL SHAHRIEN SHAHNo club membershipMalaysia46:34+29:42
63Muhammad Zafir IshakNo club membershipMalaysia46:57+30:05
64Jussi SeppänenNo club membershipItaly47:09+30:17
65Muhammad Danish  Mohmad RosdiNo club membershipMalaysia47:46+30:54
66NIK MOHD HAIKAL MOHAMED HASSANNo club membershipMalaysia49:19+32:27
67Muhamad Fakhrullah Kamarul ZamanNo club membershipMalaysia49:40+32:48
68Muhammad Syafiq Muzakkir Bin MustfarNo club membershipMalaysia50:46+33:54
69MOHAMAD FIKRI JEFRINo club membershipMalaysia51:14+34:22
70MOHD ISHAKMEOSCMalaysia51:28+34:36
71ARIF IKHWAN ROSLANNo club membershipMalaysia51:34+34:42
72Tuan ZhafriNo club membershipMalaysia53:28+36:36
73MUHAMAD AFFANDI AHMADNo club membershipMalaysia53:34+36:42
74muhammad akmal bin kasimNo club membershipMalaysia53:59+37:07
75Sharil SharudinNo club membershipMalaysia54:00+37:08
76Muhammad Naser JohariNo club membershipMalaysia54:42+37:50
77Rizal HafiziNo club membershipMalaysia56:15+39:23
78Mohd Zahiruddin Mohd RasolNo club membershipMalaysia1:00:54+44:02
79Afi Zuladhli No AzmiNo club membershipMalaysia1:02:55+46:03
80KAMAL KHUSAIRI MAZLANNo club membershipMalaysia1:03:32+46:40
81Muhammad Syazni  Md ShukriNo club membershipMalaysia1:06:45+49:53
82Mohd Zhul ManabNo club membershipMalaysia1:07:40+50:48
Akmal FakhrullahNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Muhammad Solehan ZulkifliNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Nor Nabil FikriNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
SANGAR RAJ A/L NAGALIGAMNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Muhamad Muhaimi Bin YazidNo club membershipMalaysiamispunched
Hafiz SuhaimiNo club membershipMalaysiadid not start
MOHAMAD ISMA DANIALNo club membershipMalaysiadid not start
MUHAMMAD AMIRUL SYAFIQ YUSRENo club membershipMalaysiadid not start
Rosdi ArshadNo club membershipMalaysiadid not start
Mohammad hafeeZ Md ramliMEOSCMalaysiadid not start
Azrullah Abu ZarimNo club membershipMalaysiadid not start
Wan zulkifly Wan zakariaNo club membershipMalaysiadid not start

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