International Orienteering Federation

Official results for World Cup Round 4 - Final - Sprint

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Name: Sprint
Organiser: China
Date: 29 October 2019


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
105Gerardo GarciaMen World Cup (109)25:16+9:586:19
105Gerardo GarciaMen Full Results (110)25:16+9:586:19


24 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
21Aston KeyMen World Cup (109)16:09+0:514:02
21Aston KeyMen Full Results (110)16:09+0:514:02
59Brodie NankervisMen World Cup (109)17:26+2:084:21
59Brodie NankervisMen Full Results (110)17:26+2:084:21
60Mary FlemingWomen World Cup (91)16:43+3:255:13
60Mary FlemingWomen Full Results (92)16:43+3:255:13
64Belinda LawfordWomen World Cup (91)16:50+3:325:15
64Belinda LawfordWomen Full Results (92)16:50+3:325:15
69Matt DoyleMen World Cup (109)18:01+2:434:30
69Matt DoyleMen Full Results (110)18:01+2:434:30
70Krystal NeumannWomen World Cup (91)17:10+3:525:21
70Krystal NeumannWomen Full Results (92)17:10+3:525:21
71Martin DentMen World Cup (109)18:07+2:494:31
71Martin DentMen Full Results (110)18:07+2:494:31
78Bridget AndersonWomen World Cup (91)18:09+4:515:40
78Bridget AndersonWomen Full Results (92)18:09+4:515:40
85Anna SheldonWomen World Cup (91)19:53+6:356:12
86Anna SheldonWomen Full Results (92)19:53+6:356:12
89Jarrah DayMen World Cup (109)19:42+4:244:55
89Jarrah DayMen Full Results (110)19:42+4:244:55
Natasha KeyWomen World Cup (91)mispunched
Natasha KeyWomen Full Results (92)mispunched
Henry McNultyMen World Cup (109)mispunched
Henry McNultyMen Full Results (110)mispunched


16 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
25Robert MerlMen World Cup (109)16:13+0:554:03
25Robert MerlMen Full Results (110)16:13+0:554:03
47Gernot YmsenMen World Cup (109)17:02+1:444:15
47Gernot YmsenMen Full Results (110)17:02+1:444:15
51Anna SimkovicsWomen World Cup (91)16:06+2:485:01
51Anna SimkovicsWomen Full Results (92)16:06+2:485:01
57Ursula KadanWomen World Cup (91)16:33+3:155:10
57Ursula KadanWomen Full Results (92)16:33+3:155:10
63Jannis BonekMen World Cup (109)17:39+2:214:24
63Jannis BonekMen Full Results (110)17:39+2:214:24
77Matthias ReinerMen World Cup (109)18:24+3:064:36
77Matthias ReinerMen Full Results (110)18:24+3:064:36
86Nicolas KastnerMen World Cup (109)19:15+3:574:48
86Nicolas KastnerMen Full Results (110)19:15+3:574:48
92Mathias PeterMen World Cup (109)20:09+4:515:02
92Mathias PeterMen Full Results (110)20:09+4:515:02


4 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Yannick MichielsMen World Cup (109)15:183:49
1Yannick MichielsMen Full Results (110)15:183:49
103Lievin CrefcoeurMen World Cup (109)22:38+7:205:39
103Lievin CrefcoeurMen Full Results (110)22:38+7:205:39


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
98Teodor YordanovMen World Cup (109)21:08+5:505:17
98Teodor YordanovMen Full Results (110)21:08+5:505:17


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
93Will CritchleyMen World Cup (109)20:11+4:535:02
93Will CritchleyMen Full Results (110)20:11+4:535:02


40 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
1Shuangyan HaoWomen World Cup (91)13:184:09
1Shuangyan HaoWomen Full Results (92)13:184:09
3Li ZhuoYeMen World Cup (109)15:23+0:053:50
3Li ZhuoYeMen Full Results (110)15:23+0:053:50
18Jiayi ZhengWomen World Cup (91)14:46+1:284:36
18Jiayi ZhengWomen Full Results (92)14:46+1:284:36
22Tang JianDaMen World Cup (109)16:10+0:524:02
22Tang JianDaMen Full Results (110)16:10+0:524:02
29YongYu LiWomen World Cup (91)15:17+1:594:46
29YongYu LiWomen Full Results (92)15:17+1:594:46
40Wu JianFeiWomen World Cup (91)15:43+2:254:54
40Wu JianFeiWomen Full Results (92)15:43+2:254:54
41Xiyuan LiangMen World Cup (109)16:48+1:304:12
41Xiyuan LiangMen Full Results (110)16:48+1:304:12
46Xiaoming LiangMen World Cup (109)17:01+1:434:15
46Xiaoming LiangMen Full Results (110)17:01+1:434:15
48Jianhua DuMen World Cup (109)17:05+1:474:16
48Jianhua DuMen Full Results (110)17:05+1:474:16
50Xiao TangMen World Cup (109)17:09+1:514:17
50Xiao TangMen Full Results (110)17:09+1:514:17
53Ziyun YeWomen World Cup (91)16:17+2:595:05
53Ziyun YeWomen Full Results (92)16:17+2:595:05
62Silu YangWomen World Cup (91)16:45+3:275:14
62Silu YangWomen Full Results (92)16:45+3:275:14
65Dekun ChenMen World Cup (109)17:45+2:274:26
65Dekun ChenMen Full Results (110)17:45+2:274:26
65Xiong YanWomen World Cup (91)16:51+3:335:15
65Xiong YanWomen Full Results (92)16:51+3:335:15
67Shuang LongWomen World Cup (91)16:54+3:365:16
67Shuang LongWomen Full Results (92)16:54+3:365:16
67Hongcheng ZhouMen World Cup (109)17:57+2:394:29
67Hongcheng ZhouMen Full Results (110)17:57+2:394:29
71Xueqin YangWomen World Cup (91)17:21+4:035:25
71Xueqin YangWomen Full Results (92)17:21+4:035:25
75Yan WangWomen World Cup (91)17:59+4:415:37
75Yan WangWomen Full Results (92)17:59+4:415:37
82YaoWen HuMen World Cup (109)18:53+3:354:43
82YaoWen HuMen Full Results (110)18:53+3:354:43
83Yi HuangMen World Cup (109)18:58+3:404:44
83Yi HuangMen Full Results (110)18:58+3:404:44


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
78Matija RazumMen World Cup (109)18:33+3:154:38
78Matija RazumMen Full Results (110)18:33+3:154:38

Czech Republic

12 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
5Tereza JanosikovaWomen World Cup (91)13:49+0:314:19
5Tereza JanosikovaWomen Full Results (92)13:49+0:314:19
15Denisa KosovaWomen World Cup (91)14:41+1:234:35
15Denisa KosovaWomen Full Results (92)14:41+1:234:35
19Vojtech KralMen World Cup (109)16:07+0:494:01
19Vojtech KralMen Full Results (110)16:07+0:494:01
19Vendula HorcickovaWomen World Cup (91)14:49+1:314:37
19Vendula HorcickovaWomen Full Results (92)14:49+1:314:37
35Milos NykodymMen World Cup (109)16:31+1:134:07
35Milos NykodymMen Full Results (110)16:31+1:134:07
60Marek MinarMen World Cup (109)17:32+2:144:23
60Marek MinarMen Full Results (110)17:32+2:144:23


8 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
21Caroline GjotterupWomen World Cup (91)14:54+1:364:39
21Caroline GjotterupWomen Full Results (92)14:54+1:364:39
33Jakob EdsenMen World Cup (109)16:29+1:114:07
33Jakob EdsenMen Full Results (110)16:29+1:114:07
47Cecilie Friberg KlysnerWomen World Cup (91)16:00+2:425:00
47Cecilie Friberg KlysnerWomen Full Results (92)16:00+2:425:00
84Emil OebroMen World Cup (109)19:11+3:534:47
84Emil OebroMen Full Results (110)19:11+3:534:47


10 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
45Annika RihmaWomen World Cup (91)15:58+2:404:59
45Annika RihmaWomen Full Results (92)15:58+2:404:59
66Kenny KivikasMen World Cup (109)17:48+2:304:27
66Kenny KivikasMen Full Results (110)17:48+2:304:27
69Sergei RjaboshkinMen World Cup (109)18:01+2:434:30
69Sergei RjaboshkinMen Full Results (110)18:01+2:434:30
73Evely KaasikuWomen World Cup (91)17:55+4:375:35
73Evely KaasikuWomen Full Results (92)17:55+4:375:35
81Kristo HeinmannMen World Cup (109)18:49+3:314:42
81Kristo HeinmannMen Full Results (110)18:49+3:314:42


30 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
10Maija SianojaWomen World Cup (91)14:23+1:054:29
10Maija SianojaWomen Full Results (92)14:23+1:054:29
12Lotta KarholaWomen World Cup (91)14:35+1:174:33
12Lotta KarholaWomen Full Results (92)14:35+1:174:33
31Sofia HaajanenWomen World Cup (91)15:22+2:044:48
31Sofia HaajanenWomen Full Results (92)15:22+2:044:48
31Sari AnttonenWomen World Cup (91)15:22+2:044:48
31Sari AnttonenWomen Full Results (92)15:22+2:044:48
37Aleksi NiemiMen World Cup (109)16:42+1:244:10
37Aleksi NiemiMen Full Results (110)16:42+1:244:10
43Veera KlemettinenWomen World Cup (91)15:48+2:304:56
43Veera KlemettinenWomen Full Results (92)15:48+2:304:56
44Miika KirmulaMen World Cup (109)16:57+1:394:14
44Miika KirmulaMen Full Results (110)16:57+1:394:14
45Tuomas HeikkilaMen World Cup (109)16:58+1:404:14
45Tuomas HeikkilaMen Full Results (110)16:58+1:404:14
49Aino MankarlaWomen World Cup (91)16:05+2:475:01
49Aino MankarlaWomen Full Results (92)16:05+2:475:01
53Otto KaarioMen World Cup (109)17:16+1:584:19
53Otto KaarioMen Full Results (110)17:16+1:584:19
57Akseli RuoholaMen World Cup (109)17:23+2:054:20
57Akseli RuoholaMen Full Results (110)17:23+2:054:20
59Jenny PatanaWomen World Cup (91)16:41+3:235:12
59Jenny PatanaWomen Full Results (92)16:41+3:235:12
60Alexandra EnlundWomen World Cup (91)16:43+3:255:13
60Alexandra EnlundWomen Full Results (92)16:43+3:255:13
80Topi SyrjalainenMen World Cup (109)18:41+3:234:40
80Topi SyrjalainenMen Full Results (110)18:41+3:234:40
Joni HirvikallioMen World Cup (109)mispunched
Joni HirvikallioMen Full Results (110)mispunched


20 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
2Maxime RauturierMen World Cup (109)15:20+0:023:50
2Maxime RauturierMen Full Results (110)15:20+0:023:50
14Frederic TranchandMen World Cup (109)15:57+0:393:59
14Frederic TranchandMen Full Results (110)15:57+0:393:59
16Lucas BassetMen World Cup (109)16:02+0:444:00
16Lucas BassetMen Full Results (110)16:02+0:444:00
33Adrien DelenneMen World Cup (109)16:29+1:114:07
33Adrien DelenneMen Full Results (110)16:29+1:114:07
38Isia BassetWomen World Cup (91)15:36+2:184:52
38Isia BassetWomen Full Results (92)15:36+2:184:52
48Maelle BeauvirWomen World Cup (91)16:01+2:435:00
48Maelle BeauvirWomen Full Results (92)16:01+2:435:00
62Florence HanauerWomen World Cup (91)16:45+3:275:14
62Florence HanauerWomen Full Results (92)16:45+3:275:14
63Quentin RauturierMen World Cup (109)17:39+2:214:24
63Quentin RauturierMen Full Results (110)17:39+2:214:24
80Juliette BassetWomen World Cup (91)18:49+5:315:52
80Juliette BassetWomen Full Results (92)18:49+5:315:52
Loic CapbernMen World Cup (109)mispunched
Loic CapbernMen Full Results (110)mispunched


10 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
39Susen LoeschWomen World Cup (91)15:42+2:244:54
39Susen LoeschWomen Full Results (92)15:42+2:244:54
41Paula StarkeWomen World Cup (91)15:46+2:284:55
41Paula StarkeWomen Full Results (92)15:46+2:284:55
42Bojan BlumensteinMen World Cup (109)16:50+1:324:12
42Bojan BlumensteinMen Full Results (110)16:50+1:324:12
97Felix SpaethMen World Cup (109)20:48+5:305:12
97Felix SpaethMen Full Results (110)20:48+5:305:12
Leonore WinklerWomen World Cup (91)mispunched
Leonore WinklerWomen Full Results (92)mispunched

Great Britain

18 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
17Ralph StreetMen World Cup (109)16:04+0:464:01
17Ralph StreetMen Full Results (110)16:04+0:464:01
23Peter HodkinsonMen World Cup (109)16:12+0:544:03
23Peter HodkinsonMen Full Results (110)16:12+0:544:03
29Jonathan CrickmoreMen World Cup (109)16:18+1:004:04
29Jonathan CrickmoreMen Full Results (110)16:18+1:004:04
30Charlotte WardWomen World Cup (91)15:19+2:014:47
30Charlotte WardWomen Full Results (92)15:19+2:014:47
31Cecilie AndersenWomen World Cup (91)15:22+2:044:48
31Cecilie AndersenWomen Full Results (92)15:22+2:044:48
58William GardnerMen World Cup (109)17:24+2:064:21
58William GardnerMen Full Results (110)17:24+2:064:21
62Chris SmithardMen World Cup (109)17:36+2:184:24
62Chris SmithardMen Full Results (110)17:36+2:184:24
68Kirstin MaxwellWomen World Cup (91)17:05+3:475:20
68Kirstin MaxwellWomen Full Results (92)17:05+3:475:20
85Ben MitchellMen World Cup (109)19:12+3:544:48
85Ben MitchellMen Full Results (110)19:12+3:544:48

Hong Kong China

24 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
73Ka Ki LeungWomen World Cup (91)17:55+4:375:35
73Ka Ki LeungWomen Full Results (92)17:55+4:375:35
81Cho Yu LamWomen World Cup (91)19:01+5:435:56
81Cho Yu LamWomen Full Results (92)19:01+5:435:56
82Hau Wah Brenda ChanWomen World Cup (91)19:28+6:106:05
82Hau Wah Brenda ChanWomen Full Results (92)19:28+6:106:05
84Sze Wing YeeWomen World Cup (91)19:51+6:336:12
84Sze Wing YeeWomen Full Results (92)19:51+6:336:12
86Wai Lan Iris LuiWomen World Cup (91)20:16+6:586:20
87Wai Lan Iris LuiWomen Full Results (92)20:16+6:586:20
87Tsz Wai YuMen World Cup (109)19:28+4:104:52
87Tsz Wai YuMen Full Results (110)19:28+4:104:52
87Pui Fung ChanWomen World Cup (91)21:30+8:126:43
88Pui Fung ChanWomen Full Results (92)21:30+8:126:43
90Gerald YipMen World Cup (109)19:54+4:364:58
90Gerald YipMen Full Results (110)19:54+4:364:58
94Chun Ho LiMen World Cup (109)20:12+4:545:03
94Chun Ho LiMen Full Results (110)20:12+4:545:03
99Wing Chung TamMen World Cup (109)21:10+5:525:17
99Wing Chung TamMen Full Results (110)21:10+5:525:17
100Lok Hin MaMen World Cup (109)21:14+5:565:18
100Lok Hin MaMen Full Results (110)21:14+5:565:18
101Chit Hei ShiuMen World Cup (109)21:40+6:225:25
101Chit Hei ShiuMen Full Results (110)21:40+6:225:25


4 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
74Levente TugyiMen World Cup (109)18:18+3:004:34
74Levente TugyiMen Full Results (110)18:18+3:004:34
77Csenge GerberWomen World Cup (91)18:05+4:475:39
77Csenge GerberWomen Full Results (92)18:05+4:475:39


4 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
38Nicolas SimoninMen World Cup (109)16:43+1:254:10
38Nicolas SimoninMen Full Results (110)16:43+1:254:10
95Niall McCarthyMen World Cup (109)20:27+5:095:06
95Niall McCarthyMen Full Results (110)20:27+5:095:06


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
75Nitsan YasurMen World Cup (109)18:20+3:024:35
75Nitsan YasurMen Full Results (110)18:20+3:024:35


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
27Riccardo ScaletMen World Cup (109)16:15+0:574:03
27Riccardo ScaletMen Full Results (110)16:15+0:574:03


8 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
51Hirokazu OsakiMen World Cup (109)17:12+1:544:18
51Hirokazu OsakiMen Full Results (110)17:12+1:544:18
72Masaya TaneichiMen World Cup (109)18:09+2:514:32
72Masaya TaneichiMen Full Results (110)18:09+2:514:32
88Sayaka OnozawaWomen World Cup (91)21:42+8:246:46
89Sayaka OnozawaWomen Full Results (92)21:42+8:246:46
96Kenya TakanoMen World Cup (109)20:28+5:105:07
96Kenya TakanoMen Full Results (110)20:28+5:105:07


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
73Janis TamuzsMen World Cup (109)18:10+2:524:32
73Janis TamuzsMen Full Results (110)18:10+2:524:32


6 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
49Algirdas BartkeviciusMen World Cup (109)17:08+1:504:17
49Algirdas BartkeviciusMen Full Results (110)17:08+1:504:17
55Jonas Vytautas GvildysMen World Cup (109)17:21+2:034:20
55Jonas Vytautas GvildysMen Full Results (110)17:21+2:034:20
72Tekle Emilija GvildyteWomen World Cup (91)17:22+4:045:25
72Tekle Emilija GvildyteWomen Full Results (92)17:22+4:045:25

Macau China

2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
85Kam I ChanWomen Full Results (92)19:52+6:346:12
106Ka Yi LamMen Full Results (110)26:08+10:506:32


6 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
Ganesh RanabhatMen World Cup (109)mispunched
Ganesh RanabhatMen Full Results (110)mispunched
Srijana WagleWomen World Cup (91)did not finish
Srijana WagleWomen Full Results (92)did not finish
Manisha RanabhatWomen World Cup (91)did not finish
Manisha RanabhatWomen Full Results (92)did not finish

New Zealand

12 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
13Tim RobertsonMen World Cup (109)15:56+0:383:59
13Tim RobertsonMen Full Results (110)15:56+0:383:59
26Lizzie InghamWomen World Cup (91)15:15+1:574:45
26Lizzie InghamWomen Full Results (92)15:15+1:574:45
31Tommy HayesMen World Cup (109)16:26+1:084:06
31Tommy HayesMen Full Results (110)16:26+1:084:06
69Laura RobertsonWomen World Cup (91)17:09+3:515:21
69Laura RobertsonWomen Full Results (92)17:09+3:515:21
76Alice TilleyWomen World Cup (91)18:04+4:465:38
76Alice TilleyWomen Full Results (92)18:04+4:465:38
102Devon BeckmanMen World Cup (109)21:43+6:255:25
102Devon BeckmanMen Full Results (110)21:43+6:255:25

North Macedonia

2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
83Meri ChkripeskaWomen World Cup (91)19:50+6:326:11
83Meri ChkripeskaWomen Full Results (92)19:50+6:326:11


30 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
4Gaute Hallan SteiwerMen World Cup (109)15:31+0:133:52
4Gaute Hallan SteiwerMen Full Results (110)15:31+0:133:52
7Kasper FosserMen World Cup (109)15:45+0:273:56
7Kasper FosserMen Full Results (110)15:45+0:273:56
9Victoria Haestad BjornstadWomen World Cup (91)14:12+0:544:26
9Victoria Haestad BjornstadWomen Full Results (92)14:12+0:544:26
20Silje Ekroll JahrenWomen World Cup (91)14:52+1:344:38
20Silje Ekroll JahrenWomen Full Results (92)14:52+1:344:38
23Andrine BenjaminsenWomen World Cup (91)14:57+1:394:40
23Andrine BenjaminsenWomen Full Results (92)14:57+1:394:40
26Runa FremstadWomen World Cup (91)15:15+1:574:45
26Runa FremstadWomen Full Results (92)15:15+1:574:45
30Audun HeimdalMen World Cup (109)16:19+1:014:04
30Audun HeimdalMen Full Results (110)16:19+1:014:04
35Anine LomeWomen World Cup (91)15:31+2:134:50
35Anine LomeWomen Full Results (92)15:31+2:134:50
43Emil AhlbeckMen World Cup (109)16:53+1:354:13
43Emil AhlbeckMen Full Results (110)16:53+1:354:13
46Sigrid AlexandersenWomen World Cup (91)15:59+2:414:59
46Sigrid AlexandersenWomen Full Results (92)15:59+2:414:59
52Oystein Kvaal OsterboMen World Cup (109)17:15+1:574:18
52Oystein Kvaal OsterboMen Full Results (110)17:15+1:574:18
55Ingeborg EideWomen World Cup (91)16:30+3:125:09
55Ingeborg EideWomen Full Results (92)16:30+3:125:09
61Dag BlandkjennMen World Cup (109)17:35+2:174:23
61Dag BlandkjennMen Full Results (110)17:35+2:174:23
66Kristine FjellangerWomen World Cup (91)16:53+3:355:16
66Kristine FjellangerWomen Full Results (92)16:53+3:355:16
Vegard Jarvis WestergardMen World Cup (109)did not finish
Vegard Jarvis WestergardMen Full Results (110)did not finish


6 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
24Aleksandra HornikWomen World Cup (91)15:01+1:434:41
24Aleksandra HornikWomen Full Results (92)15:01+1:434:41
68Piotr ParfianowiczMen World Cup (109)17:58+2:404:29
68Piotr ParfianowiczMen Full Results (110)17:58+2:404:29
79Zuzanna KubickaWomen World Cup (91)18:13+4:555:41
79Zuzanna KubickaWomen Full Results (92)18:13+4:555:41

Russian Federation

16 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
17Svetlana MironovaWomen World Cup (91)14:43+1:254:35
17Svetlana MironovaWomen Full Results (92)14:43+1:254:35
37Veronika KalininaWomen World Cup (91)15:34+2:164:51
37Veronika KalininaWomen Full Results (92)15:34+2:164:51
41Anastasiia BorovkovaWomen World Cup (91)15:46+2:284:55
41Anastasiia BorovkovaWomen Full Results (92)15:46+2:284:55
44Anna DvorianskaiaWomen World Cup (91)15:52+2:344:57
44Anna DvorianskaiaWomen Full Results (92)15:52+2:344:57
49Natalia GemperleWomen World Cup (91)16:05+2:475:01
49Natalia GemperleWomen Full Results (92)16:05+2:475:01
52Galina VinogradovaWomen World Cup (91)16:12+2:545:03
52Galina VinogradovaWomen Full Results (92)16:12+2:545:03
79Artem PopovMen World Cup (109)18:39+3:214:39
79Artem PopovMen Full Results (110)18:39+3:214:39
88Evgeniy GodlevskiyMen World Cup (109)19:33+4:154:53
88Evgeniy GodlevskiyMen Full Results (110)19:33+4:154:53


4 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
89Chea Hui GanWomen World Cup (91)23:24+10:067:18
90Chea Hui GanWomen Full Results (92)23:24+10:067:18
104Yan Han ThngMen World Cup (109)23:14+7:565:48
104Yan Han ThngMen Full Results (110)23:14+7:565:48


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
91Tomas MusinskyMen World Cup (109)20:04+4:465:01
91Tomas MusinskyMen Full Results (110)20:04+4:465:01


4 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
28Eduardo Gil MarcosMen World Cup (109)16:16+0:584:04
28Eduardo Gil MarcosMen Full Results (110)16:16+0:584:04
56Pau Llorens CaellasMen World Cup (109)17:22+2:044:20
56Pau Llorens CaellasMen Full Results (110)17:22+2:044:20


34 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
3Sara HagstromWomen World Cup (91)13:34+0:164:14
3Sara HagstromWomen Full Results (92)13:34+0:164:14
8Tove AlexanderssonWomen World Cup (91)14:11+0:534:25
8Tove AlexanderssonWomen Full Results (92)14:11+0:534:25
10Albin RidefeltMen World Cup (109)15:46+0:283:56
10Albin RidefeltMen Full Results (110)15:46+0:283:56
14Josefin TjernlundWomen World Cup (91)14:37+1:194:34
14Josefin TjernlundWomen Full Results (92)14:37+1:194:34
18Eric BorjeskogMen World Cup (109)16:05+0:474:01
18Eric BorjeskogMen Full Results (110)16:05+0:474:01
19Isac von KrusenstiernaMen World Cup (109)16:07+0:494:01
19Isac von KrusenstiernaMen Full Results (110)16:07+0:494:01
23Martin RegbornMen World Cup (109)16:12+0:544:03
23Martin RegbornMen Full Results (110)16:12+0:544:03
25Karolin OhlssonWomen World Cup (91)15:02+1:444:41
25Karolin OhlssonWomen Full Results (92)15:02+1:444:41
26Emil SvenskMen World Cup (109)16:14+0:564:03
26Emil SvenskMen Full Results (110)16:14+0:564:03
28Lilian ForsgrenWomen World Cup (91)15:16+1:584:46
28Lilian ForsgrenWomen Full Results (92)15:16+1:584:46
32Max Peter BejmerMen World Cup (109)16:27+1:094:06
32Max Peter BejmerMen Full Results (110)16:27+1:094:06
34Alva OlssonWomen World Cup (91)15:23+2:054:48
34Alva OlssonWomen Full Results (92)15:23+2:054:48
36Oskar AndrenMen World Cup (109)16:37+1:194:09
36Oskar AndrenMen Full Results (110)16:37+1:194:09
36Anna BachmanWomen World Cup (91)15:32+2:144:51
36Anna BachmanWomen Full Results (92)15:32+2:144:51
53Gustav BergmanMen World Cup (109)17:16+1:584:19
53Gustav BergmanMen Full Results (110)17:16+1:584:19
53Johanna ObergWomen World Cup (91)16:17+2:595:05
53Johanna ObergWomen Full Results (92)16:17+2:595:05
56Lisa RisbyWomen World Cup (91)16:31+3:135:09
56Lisa RisbyWomen Full Results (92)16:31+3:135:09


34 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
2Simona AebersoldWomen World Cup (91)13:28+0:104:12
2Simona AebersoldWomen Full Results (92)13:28+0:104:12
4Julia JakobWomen World Cup (91)13:47+0:294:18
4Julia JakobWomen Full Results (92)13:47+0:294:18
5Matthias KyburzMen World Cup (109)15:43+0:253:55
5Matthias KyburzMen Full Results (110)15:43+0:253:55
6Jonas EggerMen World Cup (109)15:44+0:263:56
6Jonas EggerMen Full Results (110)15:44+0:263:56
6Sarina JenzerWomen World Cup (91)13:57+0:394:21
6Sarina JenzerWomen Full Results (92)13:57+0:394:21
7Florian HowaldMen World Cup (109)15:45+0:273:56
7Florian HowaldMen Full Results (110)15:45+0:273:56
7Daniel HubmannMen World Cup (109)15:45+0:273:56
7Daniel HubmannMen Full Results (110)15:45+0:273:56
7Elena RoosWomen World Cup (91)14:10+0:524:25
7Elena RoosWomen Full Results (92)14:10+0:524:25
11Tobia PezzatiMen World Cup (109)15:52+0:343:58
11Tobia PezzatiMen Full Results (110)15:52+0:343:58
11Andreas KyburzMen World Cup (109)15:52+0:343:58
11Andreas KyburzMen Full Results (110)15:52+0:343:58
11Sabine HauswirthWomen World Cup (91)14:25+1:074:30
11Sabine HauswirthWomen Full Results (92)14:25+1:074:30
12Sofie BachmannWomen World Cup (91)14:35+1:174:33
12Sofie BachmannWomen Full Results (92)14:35+1:174:33
15Joey HadornMen World Cup (109)16:01+0:434:00
15Joey HadornMen Full Results (110)16:01+0:434:00
15Paula GrossWomen World Cup (91)14:41+1:234:35
15Paula GrossWomen Full Results (92)14:41+1:234:35
22Martina RuchWomen World Cup (91)14:56+1:384:40
22Martina RuchWomen Full Results (92)14:56+1:384:40
38Christoph MeierMen World Cup (109)16:43+1:254:10
38Christoph MeierMen Full Results (110)16:43+1:254:10
40Florian SchneiderMen World Cup (109)16:46+1:284:11
40Florian SchneiderMen Full Results (110)16:46+1:284:11


2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
58Kateryna DzemaWomen World Cup (91)16:34+3:165:10
58Kateryna DzemaWomen Full Results (92)16:34+3:165:10

United States

2 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
76Anton SalmenkylaMen World Cup (109)18:22+3:044:35
76Anton SalmenkylaMen Full Results (110)18:22+3:044:35

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