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Official results for World Cup Round 3 - Knock out sprint

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Name: Knock out sprint
Organiser: Switzerland
Date: 28 September 2019


49 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeFH
2Silje Ekroll JahrenWomen Quarter-Final 5 (6)7:56+0:153:36A
2Victoria Haestad BjornstadWomen Quarter-Final 6 (6)8:04+0:023:40A
2Kasper FosserMen Quarter-final 5 (6)7:50+0:033:08A
3Silje Ekroll JahrenWomen 1 (34)10:31+0:174:12A
3Audun HeimdalMen 1 (39)10:41+0:033:26A
3Andrine BenjaminsenWomen Quarter-Final 3 (6)7:56+0:093:36A
3Olav LundanesMen Quarter-final 2 (6)7:55+0:063:10A
3Victoria Haestad BjornstadWomen Semi-final 3 (6)6:17+0:023:18
4Victoria Haestad BjornstadWomen 2 (31)10:28+0:164:11A
4Oystein Kvaal OsterboMen Quarter-final 1 (6)7:56+0:083:10
4Audun HeimdalMen Quarter-final 5 (6)7:53+0:063:09
4Silje Ekroll JahrenWomen Semi-final 3 (6)6:30+0:153:25
4Kasper FosserMen Semi-final 3 (6)6:20+0:083:10
5Emil AhlbeckMen 3 (41)10:45+0:223:28A
5Emil AhlbeckMen Quarter-final 5 (6)8:00+0:133:12
5Trond Einar Moen PedersliMen Quarter-final 6 (6)8:11+0:183:16
5Andrine BenjaminsenWomen Semi-final 2 (6)6:33+0:243:26
5Olav LundanesMen Semi-final 1 (6)6:53+0:373:26
6Oystein Kvaal OsterboMen 1 (39)10:52+0:143:30A
6Kasper FosserMen 2 (41)11:00+0:133:32A
6Anine LomeWomen Quarter-Final 1 (6)8:10+0:163:42
7Victoria Haestad BjornstadWomen overall (98)completed
8Andrine BenjaminsenWomen 1 (34)11:02+0:484:24A
9Anine LomeWomen 2 (31)10:52+0:404:20A
9Trond Einar Moen PedersliMen 2 (41)11:05+0:183:34A
9Olav LundanesMen 2 (41)11:05+0:183:34A
10Kasper FosserMen overall (120)completed
11Silje Ekroll JahrenWomen overall (98)completed
13Kristine FjellangerWomen 3 (33)11:10+1:064:28
14Dag BlandkjennMen 3 (41)11:09+0:463:35
14Olav LundanesMen overall (120)completed
15Andrine BenjaminsenWomen overall (98)completed
16Runa FremstadWomen 3 (33)11:35+1:314:38
19Vegard Jarvis WestergardMen 1 (39)11:19+0:413:39
19Audun HeimdalMen overall (120)completed
19Oystein Kvaal OsterboMen overall (120)completed
20Ingeborg EideWomen 1 (34)11:48+1:344:43
25Emil AhlbeckMen overall (120)completed
25Trond E. Moen PedersliMen overall (120)completed
28Sigrid AlexandersenWomen 2 (31)12:36+2:245:02
31Anine LomeWomen overall (98)completed
38Kristine FjellangerWomen overall (98)completed
40Dag BlandkjennMen overall (120)completed
46Runa FremstadWomen overall (98)completed
56Vegard Jarvis WestergardMen overall (120)completed
58Ingeborg EideWomen overall (98)completed
82Sigrid AlexandersenWomen overall (98)completed
Gaute Hallan SteiwerMen overall (120)mispunched
Gaute Hallan SteiwerMen 3 (41)mispunched

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Gran Canaria O-Meeting 2019
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