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Official results for World Cup Round 3 - Knock out sprint

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Name: Knock out sprint
Organiser: Switzerland
Date: 28 September 2019


50 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeFH
1Tove AlexanderssonWomen 1 (34)10:144:05A
1Tove AlexanderssonWomen overall (98)completed
1Tove AlexanderssonWomen Quarter-Final 5 (6)7:413:29A
1Gustav BergmanMen Quarter-final 4 (6)7:523:08A
1Tove AlexanderssonWomen Semi-final 3 (6)6:153:17A
1Tove AlexanderssonWomen Final (6)7:283:33
2Lilian ForsgrenWomen Quarter-Final 1 (6)7:56+0:023:36A
2Gustav BergmanMen Semi-final 2 (6)6:22+0:033:11A
3Sara HagstromWomen Quarter-Final 1 (6)8:06+0:123:40A
3Emil SvenskMen Quarter-final 4 (6)7:54+0:023:09A
4Emil SvenskMen 1 (39)10:43+0:053:27A
4Alva OlssonWomen Quarter-Final 1 (6)8:07+0:133:41
4Elin ManssonWomen Quarter-Final 4 (6)8:06+0:193:40
4Sara HagstromWomen Semi-final 1 (6)6:36+0:123:28
5Sara HagstromWomen 3 (33)10:32+0:284:12A
5Gustav BergmanMen overall (120)completed
5Eric BorjeskogMen Quarter-final 2 (6)8:05+0:163:14
5Lilian ForsgrenWomen Semi-final 1 (6)6:39+0:153:30
5Emil SvenskMen Semi-final 2 (6)6:27+0:083:13
5Gustav BergmanMen Final (6)6:47+0:083:13
6Gustav BergmanMen 3 (41)10:51+0:283:30A
6Albin RidefeltMen Quarter-final 4 (6)10:22+2:304:08
8Elin ManssonWomen 3 (33)10:48+0:444:19A
10Lilian ForsgrenWomen 1 (34)11:06+0:524:26A
11Alva OlssonWomen 2 (31)11:07+0:554:26A
11Eric BorjeskogMen 3 (41)11:02+0:393:33A
11Albin RidefeltMen 1 (39)10:57+0:193:31A
12Sara HagstromWomen overall (98)completed
13Anna BachmanWomen 2 (31)11:13+1:014:29
14Martin RegbornMen 1 (39)11:07+0:293:35
14Lilian ForsgrenWomen overall (98)completed
14Emil SvenskMen overall (120)completed
18Max Peter BejmerMen 2 (41)11:24+0:373:40
19Elin ManssonWomen overall (98)completed
19Alva OlssonWomen overall (98)completed
19Johan HogstrandMen 2 (41)11:25+0:383:40
25Eric BorjeskogMen overall (120)completed
27Johanna ObergWomen 3 (33)12:34+2:305:01
27Isac von KrusenstiernaMen 2 (41)12:01+1:143:52
31Albin RidefeltMen overall (120)completed
38Anna BachmanWomen overall (98)completed
40Martin RegbornMen overall (120)completed
53Max Peter BejmerMen overall (120)completed
56Johan HogstrandMen overall (120)completed
79Johanna ObergWomen overall (98)completed
79Isac von KrusenstiernaMen overall (120)completed
Josefin TjernlundWomen 1 (34)mispunched
Lisa RisbyWomen 2 (31)mispunched
Lisa RisbyWomen overall (98)mispunched
Josefin TjernlundWomen overall (98)mispunched

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