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Official results for World Cup Round 3 - Knock out sprint

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Name: Knock out sprint
Organiser: Switzerland
Date: 28 September 2019


63 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm timeFH
1Elena RoosWomen 2 (31)10:124:04A
1Elena RoosWomen Quarter-Final 2 (6)7:573:36A
1Simona AebersoldWomen Quarter-Final 4 (6)7:473:32A
1Paula GrossWomen Quarter-Final 6 (6)8:023:39A
1Matthias KyburzMen Quarter-final 1 (6)7:483:07A
1Christoph MeierMen Quarter-final 5 (6)7:473:06A
1Sabine HauswirthWomen Semi-final 2 (6)6:093:14A
2Sabine HauswirthWomen 1 (34)10:21+0:074:08A
2Martina RuchWomen 3 (33)10:18+0:144:07A
2Daniel HubmannMen 1 (39)10:40+0:023:26A
2Matthias KyburzMen 3 (41)10:26+0:033:21A
2Joey HadornMen overall (120)completed
2Julia JakobWomen Quarter-Final 2 (6)7:59+0:023:37A
2Sabine HauswirthWomen Quarter-Final 3 (6)7:48+0:013:32A
2Tobia PezzatiMen Quarter-final 1 (6)7:49+0:013:07A
2Daniel HubmannMen Quarter-final 3 (6)7:58+0:033:11A
2Elena RoosWomen Semi-final 1 (6)6:25+0:013:22A
2Martina RuchWomen Semi-final 3 (6)6:16+0:013:17A
2Joey HadornMen Semi-final 3 (6)6:13+0:013:06A
2Joey HadornMen Final (6)6:41+0:023:10
3Simona AebersoldWomen 2 (31)10:18+0:064:07A
3Tobia PezzatiMen 2 (41)10:54+0:073:30A
3Elena RoosWomen overall (98)completed
3Martina RuchWomen Quarter-Final 5 (6)8:06+0:253:40A
3Martin HubmannMen Quarter-final 5 (6)7:51+0:043:08A
3Joey HadornMen Quarter-final 6 (6)8:04+0:113:13A
3Matthias KyburzMen Semi-final 1 (6)6:20+0:043:10
3Martin HubmannMen Semi-final 3 (6)6:16+0:043:08
3Elena RoosWomen Final (6)7:38+0:103:38
4Paula GrossWomen 3 (33)10:30+0:264:12A
4Christoph MeierMen 2 (41)10:56+0:093:31A
4Simona AebersoldWomen Semi-final 2 (6)6:18+0:093:18
4Tobia PezzatiMen Semi-final 1 (6)6:22+0:063:11
4Daniel HubmannMen Semi-final 2 (6)6:25+0:063:12
5Sabine HauswirthWomen overall (98)completed
5Sarina JenzerWomen Quarter-Final 1 (6)8:09+0:153:42
5Paula GrossWomen Semi-final 3 (6)6:31+0:163:25
5Sabine HauswirthWomen Final (6)7:41+0:133:39
6Joey HadornMen 1 (39)10:52+0:143:30A
6Martina RuchWomen overall (98)completed
6Julia JakobWomen Semi-final 1 (6)6:51+0:273:36
6Christoph MeierMen Semi-final 3 (6)6:35+0:233:17
6Martina RuchWomen Final (6)7:46+0:183:41
7Sarina JenzerWomen 1 (34)10:54+0:404:21A
7Matthias KyburzMen overall (120)completed
8Martin HubmannMen 2 (41)11:04+0:173:34A
9Martin HubmannMen overall (120)completed
10Simona AebersoldWomen overall (98)completed
10Daniel HubmannMen overall (120)completed
10Tobia PezzatiMen overall (120)completed
11Julia JakobWomen 3 (33)11:03+0:594:25A
13Paula GrossWomen overall (98)completed
14Sofie BachmannWomen 2 (31)11:15+1:034:30
16Julia JakobWomen overall (98)completed
16Christoph MeierMen overall (120)completed
17Andreas KyburzMen 1 (39)11:15+0:373:37
18Florian HowaldMen 3 (41)11:15+0:523:37
24Jonas EggerMen 3 (41)11:33+1:103:43
25Sarina JenzerWomen overall (98)completed
40Sofie BachmannWomen overall (98)completed
50Andreas KyburzMen overall (120)completed
53Florian HowaldMen overall (120)completed
70Jonas EggerMen overall (120)completed

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