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Official results for 2018 Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship

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Name: 2018 Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship
Organiser: China
Date: 20 December 2018


40 starting competitors
1Johan RunessonNo club membershipSweden11:22
2Peter HodkinsonNo club membershipGreat Britain11:25+0:03
3Maarten BostroemNo club membershipFinland11:26+0:04
4Timothy RobertsonNo club membershipNew Zealand11:28+0:06
5Øystein Kvaal ØsterbøNo club membershipNorway11:30+0:08
6Popov ArtemNo club membershipRussian Federation11:42+0:20
7Robert MerlNo club membershipAustria11:43+0:21
8Christopher SmithardNo club membershipGreat Britain11:57+0:35
9Tommaso ScaletNo club membershipItaly12:14+0:52
10Xiyuan LiangNo club membershipChina12:31+1:09
11Tanikawa YutaNo club membershipJapan12:48+1:26
12Poklop MartinNo club membershipCzech Republic13:26+2:04
13Gerald YipNo club membershipHong Kong13:49+2:27
14Brian PoonNo club membershipHong Kong14:05+2:43
15Zhang JinquanNo club membershipChina14:23+3:01
16Austin ChungNo club membershipAustralia14:57+3:35
17Sing Wai LiNo club membershipHong Kong15:06+3:44
18Chit Hei ShiuNo club membershipHong Kong15:10+3:48
19Liu WenraoNo club membershipChina15:16+3:54
20Minkang HeNo club membershipChina15:27+4:05
21Xiaodong SuNo club membershipChina15:48+4:26
22Rihui LiNo club membershipChina15:59+4:37
23Luo YuNo club membershipChina16:03+4:41
24Siu Tung HuiNo club membershipHong Kong16:05+4:43
25Yu YangNo club membershipChina16:20+4:58
26Tam Wing ChungNo club membershipHong Kong16:24+5:02
27Huaqiang LiuNo club membershipChina16:35+5:13
28Daniel Antonio PereiraNo club membershipHong Kong16:57+5:35
29Sen Yang ZhuangNo club membershipChina17:04+5:42
30Qi TongNo club membershipChina17:06+5:44
31Chun Ho LiNo club membershipHong Kong17:16+5:54
32Mankin LeungNo club membershipChina17:57+6:35
33Himmy LauNo club membershipHong Kong18:00+6:38
34Kwok Keung YeungNo club membershipHong Kong18:19+6:57
35Ka Wang SoNo club membershipHong Kong18:37+7:15
36Xufeng ChenNo club membershipChina19:51+8:29
37Lu ShaoliangNo club membershipChina20:36+9:14
38Jinjin ChenNo club membershipChina24:23+13:01
39Zhuo GaoNo club membershipChina24:44+13:22
40Hou Tin ChauNo club membershipChina27:37+16:15


24 starting competitors
1Denisa KosováNo club membershipCzech Republic14:02
2Galina VinogradovaNo club membershipRussian Federation14:09+0:07
3Anna SimkovicsNo club membershipAustria14:10+0:08
4Maëlle BeauvirNo club membershipFrance14:16+0:14
5Maija SianojaNo club membershipFinland14:26+0:24
6Carlotta ScaletNo club membershipItaly14:26+0:24
7Lone Karin BrochmannNo club membershipNorway14:50+0:48
8Shuangyan HaoNo club membershipChina14:57+0:55
9TeklÄ— Emilija GvildytÄ—No club membershipLithuania15:19+1:17
10Matleena BostroemNo club membershipFinland16:18+2:16
11Florence HanaueurNo club membershipFrance16:36+2:34
12Cho Yu LamNo club membershipHong Kong17:04+3:02
13Hau Wah Brenda ChanNo club membershipHong Kong17:36+3:34
14Ting-Hsuan WangNo club membershipChinese Taipei18:08+4:06
15Ka Ki LeungNo club membershipHong Kong18:26+4:24
16Yuqing LiangNo club membershipChina18:44+4:42
17Haishan LiangNo club membershipChina18:55+4:53
18Wai Lan Iris LuiNo club membershipHong Kong19:06+5:04
19Charmaine Kai Wing FungNo club membershipHong Kong20:04+6:02
20Sze Wing YeeNo club membershipHong Kong20:04+6:02
21Kam I ChanNo club membershipChina20:28+6:26
22Szu-Ying WuNo club membershipChinese Taipei21:01+6:59
23Yumin LiuNo club membershipChina22:41+8:39
24Vivian LeeNo club membershipHong Kong24:08+10:06

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