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Official results for FISU World University Orienteering Championships 2018 - Middle

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Name: Middle
Organiser: Finland
Date: 18 July 2018

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5 120 m, 89 starting competitors
1Emma BJESSMONo club membership37:32
2Marie OLAUSSENNo club membership38:51+1:19
3Johanna ÖBERGNo club membership38:53+1:21
4Tilda JOHANSSONNo club membership39:26+1:54
5Lisa HOLERNo club membership40:47+3:15
6Andrea SVENSSONNo club membership41:21+3:49
7Ingrid LUNDANESNo club membership41:53+4:21
8Susen LOESCHNo club membership42:15+4:43
9Mariia ZASIMOVSKAIANo club membership42:18+4:46
10Sina TOMMERNo club membership42:21+4:49
11Evely KAASIKUNo club membership42:31+4:59
12Anja ARBTERNo club membership43:00+5:28
13Megan CARTER-DAVIESNo club membership43:38+6:06
14Enni JALAVANo club membership44:15+6:43
15Jasmiina RANTALANo club membership44:16+6:44
16Barbora ZHÁŇALOVÁNo club membership44:19+6:47
17Solveig BERGLIANo club membership44:47+7:15
18Vendula HORČIČKOVÁNo club membership45:01+7:29
19Sofie BACHMANNNo club membership45:13+7:41
20Agata STANKIEWICZNo club membership46:31+8:59
21Line CEDERBERGNo club membership46:37+9:05
22Sanni KIVELÄNo club membership46:55+9:23
23Anastasiia BOROVKOVANo club membership47:00+9:28
24Valerie AEBISCHERNo club membership47:07+9:35
25Birte FRIEDRICHSNo club membership47:22+9:50
26Anna NILSSON SIMKOVICSNo club membership47:29+9:57
27Roosa HÄMÄLÄINENNo club membership47:37+10:05
28Margret ZIMMERMANNNo club membership47:47+10:15
29Laura JOONASNo club membership48:04+10:32
30Mariia KHIMOCHKINANo club membership48:18+10:46
31Lanita STEERNo club membership49:01+11:29
32María PRIETO DEL CAMPONo club membership49:23+11:51
33Anika GASSNERNo club membership50:20+12:48
34Katja VON SCHOULTZNo club membership50:46+13:14
35Sabine ROTHAUGNo club membership51:17+13:45
36Tatiana BEVZANo club membership51:26+13:54
37Marianne HAUGNo club membership51:38+14:06
38Magdaléna TUŽILOVÁNo club membership51:51+14:19
39Chloe HABERKORNNo club membership51:57+14:25
40Fay WALSHNo club membership51:59+14:27
41Cecile FOLTZERNo club membership52:15+14:43
42Patricia NIEKENo club membership52:31+14:59
43Sarah JONESNo club membership54:17+16:45
44Vesta AMBRAZAITENo club membership55:07+17:35
45Carina POLZERNo club membership55:21+17:49
46Chloe POTTERNo club membership55:32+18:00
47Ragnhild HJERMSTADNo club membership56:23+18:51
48Olivia SPRODNo club membership57:34+20:02
49Andra Cecilia ANGHELNo club membership58:02+20:30
50Zuzanna KUBICKANo club membership58:07+20:35
51Asha STEERNo club membership58:27+20:55
52Anna ŠTIČKOVÁNo club membership59:04+21:32
53Anna Eleonora FREIMANENo club membership1:01:22+23:50
54Amanda JOHANSSONNo club membership1:02:09+24:37
55Petra EGEINo club membership1:03:30+25:58
56Martina PALUMBONo club membership1:04:08+26:36
57Luca SZUROMINo club membership1:05:31+27:59
58Tegan KNIGHTBRIDGENo club membership1:05:47+28:15
59Rita BECZENo club membership1:06:14+28:42
60Marta GUJIO ALONSONo club membership1:07:27+29:55
61Aoife MCCANAVANo club membership1:07:44+30:12
62Roisin LONGNo club membership1:09:02+31:30
63Ela SEDILEKOVANo club membership1:09:17+31:45
64Barbora PIJAKOVANo club membership1:10:23+32:51
65Olena POSTELNIAKNo club membership1:10:44+33:12
66Caroline PIGERRENo club membership1:13:51+36:19
67Vanda HOSEKOVANo club membership1:14:08+36:36
68Weronika FORTUNIAKNo club membership1:15:30+37:58
69Marina COMESKEYNo club membership1:16:16+38:44
70Marina GARCÍA CASTRONo club membership1:16:26+38:54
71Evalin BRAUTIGAMNo club membership1:17:38+40:06
72Yurina TAKAHASHINo club membership1:22:21+44:49
73Julia DOUBSONNo club membership1:22:49+45:17
74Min ZHONGNo club membership1:24:11+46:39
75Yoshie KATSUYAMANo club membership1:26:03+48:31
76Heidi STOLBERGERNo club membership1:26:07+48:35
77Manami MURATANo club membership1:27:51+50:19
78Irene POZZEBONNo club membership1:28:06+50:34
79Brigitte BOURDELONNo club membership1:35:39+58:07
80Qianqian XIAONo club membership1:37:01+59:29
81Shuang LONGNo club membership1:39:24+1:01:52
82Neri FEINNo club membership2:13:32+1:36:00
Shiori YAMAMORINo club membershipdid not finish
Pia BLAKENo club membershipdid not finish
Vilija REVAITENo club membershipdid not finish
Aleksandra HORNIKNo club membershipdid not finish
Elizabete BLUMENTALENo club membershipdid not finish
Niamh CORBETTNo club membershipdid not finish
Milda RADZIVONAITENo club membershipdid not finish

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