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Official results for FISU World University Orienteering Championships 2018 - Middle

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Name: Middle
Organiser: Finland
Date: 18 July 2018

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6 000 m, 100 starting competitors
1Aleksi KARPPINENNo club membership36:14
2Paul SIRUMNo club membership36:21+0:07
3Håvard HAGANo club membership36:32+0:18
4Jens RONNOLSNo club membership37:04+0:50
5Audun HEIMDALNo club membership37:42+1:28
6Aleksi ANTTOLAINENNo club membership37:44+1:30
7Anton JOHANSSONNo club membership38:10+1:56
8Alexander CHEPELINNo club membership38:18+2:04
9Jonas EGGERNo club membership38:43+2:29
10Eetu SAVOLAINENNo club membership39:01+2:47
11Tim ROBERTSONNo club membership39:25+3:11
12Christoph MEIERNo club membership39:56+3:42
13Emil AHLBÄCKNo club membership39:58+3:44
14Filip GRAHNNo club membership40:24+4:10
15Tomáš KUBELKANo club membership40:41+4:27
16Matthias GROELLNo club membership40:53+4:39
17Filip OSSIANSSONNo club membership41:11+4:57
18Mathias PETERNo club membership41:35+5:21
19Krzysztof WOLOWCZYKNo club membership41:49+5:35
20Bojan BLUMENSTEINNo club membership41:59+5:45
21Petr HORVÁTNo club membership42:02+5:48
22Uldis UPITISNo club membership42:03+5:49
23Emil ØBRONo club membership42:19+6:05
24Lauri NENONENNo club membership42:35+6:21
25Matthew DOYLENo club membership43:12+6:58
26ŠImon NAVRÁTILNo club membership43:30+7:16
27Vojtech SÝKORANo club membership43:38+7:24
28Moritz DÖLLGASTNo club membership44:27+8:13
29Nathan LAWSONNo club membership45:09+8:55
30Pau LLORENS CAELLASNo club membership45:37+9:23
31Fryderyk PRYJMANo club membership45:48+9:34
32Nitsan YASURNo club membership45:53+9:39
33Joye HADORNNo club membership45:58+9:44
34Ben MITCHELLNo club membership46:22+10:08
35Alvis REINSONSNo club membership46:49+10:35
36Jannis SCHOENLEBERNo club membership47:08+10:54
37Algirdas BERTKEVICIUSNo club membership47:47+11:33
38Mikkel SØRENSENNo club membership47:52+11:38
39Márk PORGÁNYINo club membership47:54+11:40
40Stefan Frands PETERSENNo club membership48:48+12:34
41Martin JONASNo club membership49:44+13:30
42Nikita GUREVICHNo club membership49:51+13:37
43Loic MARTYNo club membership50:01+13:47
44Florian KURZNo club membership50:18+14:04
45Piotr PARFIANOWICZNo club membership50:23+14:09
46George Emilian MINOIUNo club membership51:15+15:01
47Matthias REINERNo club membership51:19+15:05
48Theo RADONDYNo club membership51:40+15:26
49Quentin RAUTURIERNo club membership52:04+15:50
50Tomas MUSINSKYNo club membership52:15+16:01
51Andrew BARNETTNo club membership52:58+16:44
52Samuele CURZIONo club membership53:20+17:06
53Morten JORGENSENNo club membership53:21+17:07
54Samuele TAITNo club membership53:37+17:23
55Kirill KOMAROVNo club membership54:42+18:28
56Aleksandr PAVLENKONo club membership55:15+19:01
57Clément DEMEUSENo club membership55:25+19:11
58Itay MANORNo club membership55:56+19:42
59Markus GRAETSCHNo club membership56:13+19:59
60Jonty ORAMNo club membership57:27+21:13
61Balazs MIAVECZNo club membership58:17+22:03
62Toben WILSONNo club membership59:23+23:09
63Kohei KAMIJIMANo club membership59:27+23:13
64Matej HRABOSNo club membership59:47+23:33
65Haruki OHASHINo club membership1:00:04+23:50
66Endijs TITOMERSNo club membership1:01:46+25:32
67Andrei ASTAPOVICHNo club membership1:02:02+25:48
68Sava LAZICNo club membership1:02:47+26:33
69Alexandre VERGNAUDNo club membership1:03:26+27:12
70Robert GRAHAMNo club membership1:03:58+27:44
71Adam WOODSNo club membership1:05:58+29:44
72Michael LARAIANo club membership1:06:01+29:47
73Kieran WOODSNo club membership1:09:10+32:56
74Shun MINAMIKAWANo club membership1:09:32+33:18
75Takaya SAKANASHINo club membership1:09:45+33:31
76Angus HAINESNo club membership1:09:52+33:38
77Paul PRUZINANo club membership1:15:29+39:15
78Tomas GRAHAMNo club membership1:16:10+39:56
79Mofaz SHMUELYNo club membership1:17:01+40:47
80Mikk KALAMEESNo club membership1:17:13+40:59
81Paulius VIDZIUNASNo club membership1:25:08+48:54
82Tom DRYGALSKINo club membership1:25:13+48:59
83Lievin CREFCOEURNo club membership1:28:49+52:35
84Azam MOHD SHIDIDNo club membership1:33:20+57:06
85Jianchao ZHONGNo club membership1:34:57+58:43
86Liad LEVYNo club membership2:09:48+1:33:34
Tomasz JURCZYKNo club membershipdisqualified
Kaijun MAINo club membershipdisqualified
Junliang LINNo club membershipdisqualified
Korbinian LEHNERNo club membershipdid not finish
Álvaro PRIETO DEL CAMPONo club membershipdid not finish
Valters RENESLACISNo club membershipdid not finish
Kevinas OLISAUSKISNo club membershipdid not finish
Tamás TÖLGYESINo club membershipdid not finish
Vasili FOMICIOVNo club membershipdid not finish
Joe WOODLEYNo club membershipdid not finish
Thomas LARAIANo club membershipdid not finish
Eduardo GIL MARCOSNo club membershipdid not finish
Sergiu FALANo club membershipdid not finish
Daniel FEHERVARINo club membershipdid not finish

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