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Official results for Kinmen Orienteering Championships & WRE 2018

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Name: Kinmen Orienteering Championships & WRE 2018
Organiser: Chinese Taipei
Date: 13 October 2018

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49 starting competitors
PlacNameClassTimeDiffKm time
3Ting Hsuan WangWomen Elite (32)17:49+1:466:51
5Yiching HuangWomen Elite (32)17:58+1:566:54
8Szu Ying WuWomen Elite (32)18:42+2:397:11
9Chu Hsien WangWomen Elite (32)19:48+3:467:36
11Minhuei HuangWomen Elite (32)20:37+4:347:55
12Kuan Yu LinWomen Elite (32)21:36+5:348:18
14Lin ChiahuiWomen Elite (32)22:29+6:278:38
18Yen Lung ChenMen Elite (63)17:45+3:446:34
18Peichi ChuangWomen Elite (32)24:13+8:119:18
19Lemei ChiWomen Elite (32)24:41+8:399:29
20Hsu En ChiWomen Elite (32)25:01+8:589:37
20Bo Jyun LinMen Elite (63)18:18+4:176:46
21Yuyu HoWomen Elite (32)25:09+9:079:40
22Shui Yueh LeeWomen Elite (32)26:39+10:3710:15
22Kuan Yu LinMen Elite (63)18:36+4:356:53
23Li Jing WangWomen Elite (32)26:41+10:3910:15
25ChingTing ChiuWomen Elite (32)27:21+11:1910:31
26Ya Chen TsaiMen Elite (63)18:51+4:506:58
28Pinghung LiaoMen Elite (63)19:00+4:597:02
29Hsin Yu LeeWomen Elite (32)30:06+14:0311:34
29Boyuan HuangMen Elite (63)19:15+5:147:07
30ChunYun ChengWomen Elite (32)30:37+14:3511:46
32Peng Hsien TsaiMen Elite (63)20:00+5:597:24
32Hsuan An ChenWomen Elite (32)33:32+17:2912:53
33Liu Yi ChenWomen Elite (32)41:29+25:2715:57
35TingWei KeMen Elite (63)21:08+7:077:49
36Cai ChengZheMen Elite (63)21:23+7:227:55
40WU ShihJieMen Elite (63)22:24+8:238:17
42Jinyi FangMen Elite (63)22:49+8:488:27
45Po Feng ChiangMen Elite (63)23:22+9:218:39
46YuHao HuangMen Elite (63)23:24+9:228:40
47Yen chieh LiaoMen Elite (63)23:31+9:308:42
49Chien Hsun TsaiMen Elite (63)24:03+10:028:54
50Tone Yong LeeMen Elite (63)24:29+10:279:04
51Cheng Kai MaoMen Elite (63)24:48+10:479:11
52YuCheng LeeMen Elite (63)24:51+10:499:12
53Lai Wei KuoMen Elite (63)24:58+10:579:14
55HuaiJai JuanMen Elite (63)25:12+11:119:20
57Chieh Lin YUMen Elite (63)25:55+11:539:35
58Chiungtzu LinMen Elite (63)26:16+12:149:43
59Zongshuai WangMen Elite (63)26:29+12:289:48
60Yu shen ChenMen Elite (63)26:36+12:349:51
62Jui Yang ChenMen Elite (63)26:45+12:449:54
67Pin Shuo ChenMen Elite (63)36:00+21:5913:19
69Chen Zhi WeiMen Elite (63)45:35+31:3316:52
Sam LinMen Elite (63)finished
Yiping TienWomen Elite (32)finished
Peiling HsiehWomen Elite (32)finished
Cheng Han JiangMen Elite (63)mispunched

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