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Official overall results for World Masters Orienteering Championships 2018, after 3 races

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Name: World Masters Orienteering Championships 2018
Organisers: Denmark / Farum OK / OK Oest Birkeroed / Soelleroed OK / Tisvilde Hegn OK
Date: 6 July 2018 - 13 July 2018

Sprint QualificationSprint FinalSprint Final (overall)Forest qualificationForest qualification (overall)Middle FinalMiddle Final (overall)Long finalLong final (overall)

Swiss O Tours

19 starting competitors
Markus HitzM50-3 (135)not competing
Martin SchaffnerM50-3 (135)not competing
Stefan StrazzarinoM55-1 (143)not competing
Stefan ZihlmannM55-1 (143)not competing
Daniel KobelM55-2 (142)not competing
Thomas SchulthessM55-2 (142)not competing
Armin BrynerM60-5 (122)not competing
Ernst BaumannM70-2 (141)not competing
Pierre Andre BaumgartnerM70-2 (141)not competing
Chris HirtM70-5 (145)not competing
Kurt RothweilerM70-5 (145)not competing
Franz WyssM70-5 (145)not competing
Eduard BaumannM75-1 (131)not competing
Gerhard HornM80-1 (109)not competing
Othmar SauterM85-1 (66)not competing
Joli WehrliW55-3 (143)not competing
Camille CucheW60-4 (60)not competing
Ursula WyssW65-2 (135)not competing
Ruth Muller GianiniW70-2 (131)not competing

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