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Official overall results for World Masters Orienteering Championships 2018, after 2 races

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Name: World Masters Orienteering Championships 2018
Organisers: Denmark / Farum OK / OK Oest Birkeroed / Soelleroed OK / Tisvilde Hegn OK
Date: 6 July 2018 - 13 July 2018

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Swiss O Tours

19 starting competitors
Markus HitzM50A (236)not competing
Martin SchaffnerM50A (236)not competing
Daniel KobelM55A (234)not competing
Stefan ZihlmannM55A (234)not competing
Thomas SchulthessM55C (235)not competing
Stefan StrazzarinoM55C (235)not competing
Armin BrynerM60D (207)not competing
Ernst BaumannM70A (248)not competing
Franz WyssM70A (248)not competing
Pierre Andre BaumgartnerM70C (243)not competing
Chris HirtM70D (239)not competing
Kurt RothweilerM70D (239)not competing
Eduard BaumannM75B (233)not competing
Gerhard HornM80A (166)not competing
Othmar SauterM85B (40)not competing
Joli WehrliW55A (239)not competing
Camille CucheW60B (236)not competing
Ursula WyssW65B (234)not competing
Ruth Muller GianiniW70C (89)not competing

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