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Official results for Annual Orienteering Championships (Sprint) 2016

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Name: Annual Orienteering Championships (Sprint) 2016
Organiser: Hong Kong China
Date: 26 December 2016


2 130 m, 44 starting competitors
1Tsz Wai YuHKGHong Kong China13:09
2Lok Hin MaHKGHong Kong China13:49+0:40
3Chit Hei ShiuHKGHong Kong China13:50+0:41
4Chi Kin ManHKGHong Kong China14:02+0:53
5Cheuk Wang WongHKGHong Kong China14:08+0:59
6Siu Tung HuiHKGHong Kong China14:24+1:15
7Ka Ching LamHKGHong Kong China14:32+1:23
8Chak Lun Gerald YipHKGHong Kong China14:55+1:46
9Austin ChungAUSAustralia15:03+1:54
10Wing Chung TamHKGHong Kong China15:07+1:58
11Brian PoonHKGHong Kong China15:09+2:00
12Chun Ho LiHKGHong Kong China15:18+2:09
13Kin Wai LeeHKGHong Kong China15:35+2:26
14Man Long ChowHKGHong Kong China16:17+3:08
15Kwok Wai ChoyHKGHong Kong China16:26+3:17
16Yan Wai CheungHKGHong Kong China16:31+3:22
17Man Fai Timothy KwongHKGHong Kong China16:41+3:32
18Yau Man ChuHKGHong Kong China17:27+4:18
19Yiu Fung ManHKGHong Kong China17:38+4:29
20Tsz Fung YuHKGHong Kong China17:59+4:50
21Wai Kit ChoiHKGHong Kong China18:01+4:52
22Chi Hin LukHKGHong Kong China18:18+5:09
23Po Lok ChauHKGHong Kong China18:29+5:20
24Shin Ho YuHKGHong Kong China18:57+5:48
25Wai Yin Alexis YeungHKGHong Kong China18:59+5:50
26Kin Kwan KwokHKGHong Kong China19:21+6:12
27Kwok Wai CheungHKGHong Kong China19:33+6:24
28Ming Chi LiHKGHong Kong China19:43+6:34
29Ping Kuen ChengHKGHong Kong China20:50+7:41
29Yui Kan Raphael MakHKGHong Kong China20:50+7:41
31Kang Kai CheungHKGHong Kong China20:57+7:48
32Man Wa WongHKGHong Kong China21:00+7:51
33Kwok Keng YeungHKGHong Kong China21:20+8:11
34Yik Ching KwanHKGHong Kong China21:37+8:28
35On Lap ChanHKGHong Kong China21:42+8:33
36Kok Hei NgHKGHong Kong China22:08+8:59
37Tsz Hang Stephen HoHKGHong Kong China22:56+9:47
38Kwun Him Himmy LauHKGHong Kong China25:23+12:14
39Chun Chi TsangHKGHong Kong China26:48+13:39Download route in GPX format
40Chiungtzu LinTPEChinese Taipei30:13+17:04
41Leif SandgrenSWESweden30:21+17:12
Chun Kit ChanHKGHong Kong Chinamispunched
Aby LamHKGHong Kong Chinamispunched
Wei Yong YueHKGHong Kong Chinamispunched

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