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Official results for 2015 CCU Sport Museum Cup Orienteering Event

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Name: 2015 CCU Sport Museum Cup Orienteering Event
Organisers: Chinese Taipei / National Chung Cheng University
Date: 14 March 2015

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27 starting competitors
1Cheng Hsun LiuTPEChinese Taipei16:16
2Gerald YipHKGHong Kong16:39+0:23
3Siu Tung HuiHKGHong Kong16:45+0:29
4Wing Chung TamHKGHong Kong17:17+1:01
5Tsz Wai YuHKGHong Kong17:20+1:04
6Chi Ko Abdon CheungHKGHong Kong17:25+1:09
7Sam Choi LamHKGHong Kong17:42+1:26
8Pinghung LiaoTPEChinese Taipei17:43+1:27
9Yen Lung ChenTPEChinese Taipei17:47+1:31
10Lok Hin MAHKGHong Kong17:50+1:34
11Raphael MakHKGHong Kong18:24+2:08
12Chi Kin ManHKGHong Kong18:36+2:20
13Xu Wei ShengTPEChinese Taipei18:49+2:33
14Jing Hao GengTPEChinese Taipei18:50+2:34
15Kwok Keung YeungHKGHong Kong18:54+2:38
16Lai Yun ChuanTPEChinese Taipei19:20+3:04
17Mingyen WUTPEChinese Taipei20:04+3:48
18OnLap ChanHKGHong Kong21:06+4:50
19Po Feng ChiangTPEChinese Taipei23:00+6:44
20Huang MaoyingTPEChinese Taipei23:43+7:27
21Jheng Yan KangTPEChinese Taipei24:32+8:16
22Weilin LiaoTPEChinese Taipei24:38+8:22
23Chinchi HuangTPEChinese Taipei25:56+9:40
24Chung RenJieTPEChinese Taipei30:12+13:56
25Chiungtzu LinTPEChinese Taipei31:11+14:55
Chao Ching YangTPEChinese Taipeimispunched
Shu Kai YouTPEChinese Taipeimispunched
TingWei KeTPEChinese Taipeidid not start
Hsing Hao LiuTPEChinese Taipeidid not start


9 starting competitors
1Szu Ying WuTPEChinese Taipei17:06
2Cho Yu LamHKGHong Kong18:41+1:35
3Wai Lan Iris LuiHKGHong Kong18:46+1:40
4Ka Ki LeungHKGHong Kong19:27+2:21
5Wan-Jyun SieTPEChinese Taipei19:37+2:31
6Ching Yan Candy ChanHKGHong Kong20:59+3:53
7Yu Ni WangTPEChinese Taipei26:03+8:57
8Sie Wan RuTPEChinese Taipei26:42+9:36
Peng Meir TzuTPEChinese Taipeidid not finish
Tsz Ying YuHKGHong Kongdid not start

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