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Official results for Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships

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Name: Hong Kong Annual Orienteering Championships
Organiser: Hong Kong China
Date: 26 December 2012

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89 starting competitors
1Oystein  Osterbo Kvaal NorwayNorway28:24
2Will CritchleyCanadaCanada30:32+2:08
3Dag Steinar RagvinNorwayNorway30:35+2:11
4Gerald YipHong KongHong Kong31:34+3:10
5Sam Choi LamHong KongHong Kong34:05+5:41
6Siu Tung HuiHong KongHong Kong34:13+5:49
7Kwok Keung YeungHong KongHong Kong35:21+6:57
8Kin Wai LeeHong KongHong Kong37:21+8:57
9Kwok Kuen LawHong KongHong Kong37:37+9:13
10Chi Ko Abdon CheungHong KongHong Kong38:21+9:57
11Kin Kwan KwokHong KongHong Kong38:33+10:09
12Wing Chung TamHong KongHong Kong39:12+10:48
13Po Lok ChauHong KongHong Kong40:53+12:29
14Yeung Chi LeeHong KongHong Kong43:14+14:50
15Kwan Shing NgHong KongHong Kong43:19+14:55
16Tsun Ming LoHong KongHong Kong44:18+15:54
17Sai Hong YuHong KongHong Kong44:32+16:08
18On Lap ChanChinaHong Kong44:33+16:09
19Kwok Wai ChoyHong KongHong Kong45:56+17:32
20Joseph LoHong KongHong Kong46:19+17:55
21Chi Hang LiangHong KongHong Kong47:47+19:23
22Wai Nang ChungHong KongHong Kong49:12+20:48
23Kung Pan CheongHong KongHong Kong49:13+20:49
24Hui Yau ChiuHong KongHong Kong49:53+21:29
25Shin Ho YuHong KongHong Kong50:16+21:52
26Wai Tin ManHong KongHong Kong51:40+23:16
27Zhenyu ZhangChinaChina51:49+23:25
28Kin Choi KwokHong KongHong Kong52:57+24:33
29Chi Kin ManHong KongHong Kong53:43+25:19
30Hin Long TseHong KongHong Kong53:55+25:31
31Kang Kai CheungHong KongHong Kong53:57+25:33
32Diwen YanChinaChina57:16+28:52
33Ngai Sang HuiHong KongHong Kong58:28+30:04
34Man Fung Francis KoHong KongHong Kong58:30+30:06
35Ping Kuen ChengHong KongHong Kong58:34+30:10
36Wai Yin Alexis YeungHong KongHong Kong59:24+31:00
37Tung Nam YuenHong KongHong Kong59:40+31:16
38Kam Fu Patrick NgHong KongHong Kong59:58+31:34
39Chi Kin LeeHong KongHong Kong1:00:21+31:57
40Siu Chung ChanHong KongHong Kong1:01:21+32:57
41Ka Shing ChanHong KongHong Kong1:01:28+33:04
42Fuk Lung Bruce LiHong KongHong Kong1:01:45+33:21
43Po Man Pacino HouHong KongHong Kong1:02:15+33:51
44Kwok Wai CheungHong KongHong Kong1:03:44+35:20
45Kwok Keung LeungHong KongHong Kong1:03:47+35:23
46Yik Wah TseHong KongHong Kong1:04:05+35:41
47Yip Sang ChanHong KongHong Kong1:05:16+36:52
48Man Long ChowHong KongHong Kong1:05:29+37:05
49Chi Yat CheungHong KongHong Kong1:06:25+38:01
50Jinbin ChenHong KongHong Kong1:06:45+38:21
51Wing Sing TsuiHong KongHong Kong1:06:51+38:27
52Yui Kan Raphael MakHong KongHong Kong1:09:27+41:03
53Kam San ChanHong KongHong Kong1:10:42+42:18
54Wang Ki YuenHong KongHong Kong1:10:44+42:20
55Kok Hei NgHong KongHong Kong1:13:28+45:04
56Kwok Wai Aaron ChanHong KongHong Kong1:15:09+46:45
57Ping Kin ChanHong KongHong Kong1:15:29+47:05
58Yeung Chiu Dennis TangHong KongHong Kong1:15:39+47:15
59Nam Won KimKorea, Republic ofKorea, Republic of1:17:04+48:40
60Jurg NiederbergerHong KongHong Kong1:17:46+49:22
61Wai Kee CheungHong KongHong Kong1:18:40+50:16
62Chi Kin ChauHong KongHong Kong1:22:43+54:19
63Wencong LiuHong KongHong Kong1:25:10+56:46
64Dickin KwongHong KongHong Kong1:29:18+1:00:54
65Siu Fun HuHong KongHong Kong1:29:43+1:01:19
66Samuel LoHong KongHong Kong1:31:03+1:02:39
67Hing Shing Danny ChuHong KongHong Kong1:33:12+1:04:48
68Wing Chong ChanHong KongHong Kong1:33:28+1:05:04
69Hon Leung Henry HuHong KongHong Kong1:34:21+1:05:57
70Ting Wang YueHong KongHong Kong1:35:19+1:06:55
71Tsz Kin CheungHong KongHong Kong1:36:00+1:07:36
72Chun Ming ChenChinese TaipeiChinese Taipei1:36:58+1:08:34
73Tung On YauChinaChina1:38:13+1:09:49
74Wai Kay LawHong KongHong Kong1:41:21+1:12:57
75Hau Tak Alvin WongHong KongHong Kong1:42:19+1:13:55
76Jiacheng ChenChinaChina1:43:09+1:14:45
77Tat Hei ChowHong KongHong Kong1:47:56+1:19:32
78Kwok Sang LauHong KongHong Kong1:53:53+1:25:29
79Chi Chuen LauHong KongHong Kong1:58:11+1:29:47
Hui ChenChinaChinadisqualified
Xiaoming FengChinaChinadisqualified
Jun HeChinaChinadisqualified
Ting Ho Gilbert LeeHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Jingxiong MoChinaChinadisqualified
Gregory PelletierFranceFrancedisqualified
Junqi RuanChinaChinadisqualified
Wai Fung Jason TangHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Chi Chung Isaac WongHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Hung On Walus WongHong KongHong Kongdisqualified


57 starting competitors
1Helen PalmerUnited KingdomNorway26:55
2Wing Hay YuHong KongHong Kong32:15+5:20
3Tsz Ying YuHong KongHong Kong34:15+7:20
4Wing Sze Vivian LeeHong KongHong Kong35:21+8:26
5Wai Lan Iris LuiHong KongHong Kong35:46+8:51
6Clare LeungAustraliaAustralia38:17+11:22
7Wai Ching Vickie WongHong KongHong Kong40:54+13:59
8Sophia Kar Tam BikHong KongHong Kong41:13+14:18
9Wei Ki Rainky CheungHong KongHong Kong46:06+19:11
10Ching Fung YukHong KongHong Kong46:38+19:43
11Laura JakobssobHong KongHong Kong46:58+20:03
12Wing Man SoHong KongHong Kong47:09+20:14
13Qijiu HuangChinaChina48:55+22:00
14Shiu Man Annie ChanHong KongHong Kong49:54+22:59
15Yuk Hing WongHong KongHong Kong51:46+24:51
16Pui Yi TangHong KongHong Kong51:47+24:52
17Chuyi CaiChinaChina52:01+25:06
18Hehui XiaoChinaChina52:39+25:44
19Anla LingChinaChina54:32+27:37
20Hua Chiu ChongHong KongHong Kong54:46+27:51
21Lai Kwan ChiuHong KongHong Kong55:29+28:34
22Sze Wing YeeHong KongHong Kong55:57+29:02
23Yuet Ling LauHong KongHong Kong58:50+31:55
24Lui TseHong KongHong Kong59:33+32:38
25Wenyin HuangChinaChina1:00:51+33:56
26Huixin DengChinaChina1:01:04+34:09
27Man Chong AuHong KongHong Kong1:03:34+36:39
28Shuk Kam ChungHong KongHong Kong1:03:39+36:44
29Ngan Chun CheungHong KongHong Kong1:07:12+40:17
30Ka Wing CheungHong KongHong Kong1:09:38+42:43
31Jiaxin LiChinaChina1:10:07+43:12
32Ka Ki LeungHong KongHong Kong1:10:46+43:51
33Wing Ka Louise LauHong KongHong Kong1:11:28+44:33
34Lai Wan ChengHong KongHong Kong1:13:02+46:07
35Lai Kuen CheungHong KongHong Kong1:14:53+47:58
36Lai Kuen Candy ChuiHong KongHong Kong1:18:12+51:17
37Wai Fan Vivian ChungHong KongHong Kong1:19:20+52:25
38Wing Yan Josephine WongHong KongHong Kong1:20:42+53:47
39Wai Yee Maggie MokHong KongHong Kong1:23:22+56:27
40Hing Ling HoHong KongHong Kong1:27:24+1:00:29
41Yuen Ting WanHong KongHong Kong1:28:19+1:01:24
42Sau King WongHong KongHong Kong1:35:52+1:08:57
43Yuk Ching WongHong KongHong Kong1:44:02+1:17:07
44Zizhao YanChinaChina1:51:29+1:24:34
45Hanifa IsmailHong KongHong Kong1:55:32+1:28:37
Ching Yan Candy ChanHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Yuen Ki Hilda ChengHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Ka Pui CheungHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Yinghua HuangChinaChinadisqualified
Oi Sze LamHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Jiaying LiChinaChinadisqualified
Shitang LinChinaChinadisqualified
Kei Yan  Karen MaHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Ka Yan NgHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Miu Lan NgHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Cher Yin Sharon PunHong KongHong Kongdisqualified
Zhixin ZhengChinaChinadisqualified

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