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Competitors entered to World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships 2017

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Name: World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships 2017
Organisers: Finland / SK Vuoksi
Date: 9 February 2017 - 12 February 2017

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Rus veteran (28)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Jurii BorodulinRus veteranRussian FederationM55
Tamara FedorovaRus veteranRussian FederationW55
Andrei FershalovRus veteranRussian FederationM55
Viktoriia FershalovaRus veteranRussian FederationW55205720
Olga GavrilovaRus veteranRussian FederationW55101581
Svetlana GorlanovaRus veteranRussian FederationW40
Valerii GubanovRus veteranRussian FederationM75
Georgii IlmenkovRus veteranRussian FederationM80
Nikolai KazarinovRus veteranRussian FederationM70
Sergei KazavtcevRus veteranRussian FederationM75
Stanislav LesnikovRus veteranRussian FederationM65137767
Oleg MelnikovRus veteranRussian FederationM50
Natalia MikhoninaRus veteranRussian FederationW60
Tamara OvsiannikovaRus veteranRussian FederationW65
Valentina RyzhenkovaRus veteranRussian FederationW65
Galina SemenovaRus veteranRussian FederationW70
Andrei SharyginRus veteranRussian FederationM55
Anatoly ShelekhinRus veteranRussian FederationM50
Valentina ShestakovaRus veteranRussian FederationW60
Sergei SkokovRus veteranRussian FederationM55
Alaksandr SokolovRus veteranRussian FederationM50
Irina StepanovaRus veteranRussian FederationW60
Tatiana SvistunRus veteranRussian FederationW70
Valentina VasilevaRus veteranRussian FederationW80
Galina VershininaRus veteranRussian FederationW70
Nikolai VishniakovRus veteranRussian FederationM85
Oleg ZhukovRus veteranRussian FederationM75
Valentina ZhukovaRus veteranRussian FederationW75


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